Disenchanted Review

Disenchanted is the sequel to Enchanted, the story follows Giselle played by Amy Adams, who decides to move to a new town with her new family, Robert played by Patrick Dempsey, and his daughter Morgan played by Gabriella Baldacchino. Giselle finds it hard to fit into this new community and she wishes for a fairytale world, her wish comes true, but wishes also lead to consequences.

Disenchanted had an original story but also deep at times. You get sucked into this enchanted world. What I enjoyed about this film was seeing how Robert and Morgan had adapted to living with Giselle. I also at times felt sorry and bad for Morgan and could sympathize with her trying to adapt to her new mum. Lots of time has passed since the first film so all the characters are older. Unlike the first film, the sequel had numerous songs throughout that helped tell and progress the story. I thought this film managed to cram in lots of songs while having a dialogue between them. Also returning is Nancy, played by Idina Menzel. She is still living with Prince Edward, played by James Marsden in the fairytale cartoon world. It is clear they come for frequent visits to the human world, I thought that was a nice touch to the film. All the cast are great in this film including Gabriella Baldacchino who was good at portraying Morgan, as a teen who tries to fit in and adjust but also wants to feel loved. Amy Adams was also amazing and I loved her facial expressions, when Giselle is bad the light from her eyes and everything princess-like, on her face completely changes and disappears. Although not lot of action, I thought the story was enjoyable and very colorful.

Disenchanted had some issues that I wasn’t too thrilled about. I would have liked to have seen Giselle to of had a bit more growth, as it felt like her character was pretty much the same as where the first film left off. I would have liked to have had a bit more dialogue and fewer songs in the film. I was also disappointed that none of the songs were as catchy or fun pop-type songs as the first one was. The best way to describe the songs, is in films with the princesses singing about how they feel, the music is a bit more dramatic and serious. The comedy in this film was very hit-and-miss, sometimes it worked, and other times it felt like they were just trying to appeal to young kids. I did think some of the magic effects could have been a bit better.

Disenchanted is a film that’s enjoyable for everyone. Fans of the first may be slightly disappointed with some of the songs and comedy. Families will love this so definitely recommend trying it for a fun, unique story.


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