Top 5 Movies I watched in October 2022

The month of October kicked off a fruitful month of films as we head into award season. As we inch closer to the Oscars, the contenders start to show up, and it causes a shift in most people’s rankings. So today, I share the top five new movies I saw in October.

Causeway (avail. on Apple TV+ Nov. 4)

Causeway highlights the inability of our country to help those who defend our country. The film is loud and in your face in the most subtle way. Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry give two of the year’s best performances.

Decision to Leave (in theaters now)

Decision To Leave is one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever seen. Park Chan Wook’s attention to detail is poetic. The cinematography and score are top-notch. I cried, laughed and cried again. I’m in a million pieces right now.

TÁR (in theaters now)

Excerpt from my review: Overall, Tár is hands down one of the year’s best films that boast perfectly timed direction, a character study we’ve never seen before, and a performance we will talk about for generations to come. That said, it is a handful as far as runtime, but I promise it is worth every moment.

The Good Nurse

Excerpt from my review: Overall, The Good Nurse is a good, maybe even great, film that, albeit a bit slow, has a strong message that comes across loud and clear. The message tossed in with two incredible performances never took me entirely out of the film.

Nanny (on Prime Video 12/16)

Excerpt from my review: Overall, Nanny is hands down one of the best movies of the year, and it’s the type of film that will linger around in my head for days, even months later. Incredible job from everyone involved in this project, and if you have the opportunity to catch this in theaters, please do because it plays tremendously on the big screen.

What were some of your favorite movies you watched in the month of October? Comment below.

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