TIFF Review: “The Greatest Beer Run Ever”

-Allison McCulloch

“No! I told you. Get out of here!”

THE GREATEST BEER RUN EVER is about the greatest beer run ever. Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, it’s about Chickie Donohue (Zac Efron), a guy from the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan who wants to bring his friends some beer… and go all the way to Vietnam. His hometown friends chide him that he’s not serious about anything and that makes him more determined to go. 

Bill Murray plays a NYC bartender who’s anti-protestor. Chickie himself is pro-military and thinks the press is exaggerating about conditions until he gets there. 

The journey is beautiful as Chickie tries to visit as many guys from the neighborhood as possible with the help of a journalist (Russell Crowe).  

The heart of the movie is Chickie discovering that politicians deal in lies and mass murder. He sees first hand what the politicians are saying versus what he experienced. 

At first I wasn’t sure why another film about the Vietnam War was necessary. However, politicians haven’t changed and many wars have come and gone since then. The film is a call to wake up to reality and to cherish your friends by actually doing something. All in all, it was a good watch.

Rating: 7/10

Vegan alert:
-Aftermath of elephants hit by napalm
-Lots of dead humans

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