Women Filmmakers at Tribeca 2022

-Allison McCulloch Cherry (2022, Sophie Galibert) In the vein of Unpregnant and Plan B, Cherry is about a young woman who has to make a choice. We really have a whole slew of narrative films and documentaries about abortion right now. I suppose it's because once women gained their right to choose with Roe v.... Continue Reading →

‘Subject’ Review: Tribeca 2022

-Allison McCulloch Directors: Camilla Hall, Jennifer TiexieraProducers: Joe Caterini, Camilla Hall, Jennifer Tiexiera Subject explores the link between documentarians and their protagonists. The emphasis is on the people behind the storie Traditionally, documentary subjects are not paid, so as to not influence the outcome of the story. However, this documentary calls into question everything we... Continue Reading →

‘Kaepernick & America’ Review: Tribeca 2022

-Allison McCulloch Directors: Tommy Walker, Ross HockrowProducers: Bill Stephney, Gary Cohen, Matt McDonald Colin Kaepernick protested police brutality by taking a knee when the “Star-Spangled Banner” was sung, an anthem whose third verse literally mentions slaves. The film documents America’s reaction, which even includes a man burning the Kaepernick jersey he owned. Kaepernick was “punished”... Continue Reading →

‘A Sexplanation’ Documentary Review

-Allison McCulloch NeueHouse in New York screened A Sexplanation by director Alex Liu on Friday, June 3, 2022. Short and sweet, it has the conversation so many parents and teachers are afraid to have with children who become adults who feel unnecessary shame around the subject.  The documentary ultimately is about how sex is about... Continue Reading →

“From the Hood to the Holler” Documentary Review

-Allison McCulloch Director: Pat McGee Executive Producers: Michael Shannon, Alyssa Milano Kentuckian Charles Booker ran for Senate in 2020 as a Democrat, seeking to beat Mitch McConnell, who was the Senate Majority Leader at the time. Despite the fact that fellow Democrat Amy McGrath started a year earlier and had more money, Booker started polling... Continue Reading →

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