“The Attachment Diaries” Review

The Attachment Diaries is a timely movie set in Argentina, starting off in black and white. It discusses the options a woman has for a pregnancy when it is too far along for it to be legal. The film turns into both melodrama and horror with beautiful surprises along the way, stunning the viewer. The... Continue Reading →

SXSW 2023 Review: “Hung Up on a Dream”

“We like music.” Robert Schwartzman’s documentary on British band The Zombies (“She’s Not There”, “Time of the Season”) is worth checking out whether you’ve been a fan for decades or if you’re just discovering them. In the beginning, I felt that there was too much of an emphasis on fans’ reactions. It would have been... Continue Reading →

SXSW 2023 Review: “I Used to Be Funny”

“Don’t think about Euphoria.” I Used to Be Funny addresses hard issues like PTSD, child endangerment, and sexual exploitation. Rachel Sennott turns in a great performance, as Sam, an au pair who has issues with PTSD that could keep her from pursuing her dream of a career in comedy. The film is funnier than it has... Continue Reading →

TIFF Review: “Weird”

WEIRD is a comedic take on the life of Weird Al Yankovic co-written by the man himself and director Eric Appel. Al is played hilariously by Daniel Radcliffe and his mother and father are played by Julianne Nicholson and Toby Huss, respectively. In this heightened telling of his life story, his girlfriend is Madonna (Evan... Continue Reading →

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