TIFF Review: “Weird”

WEIRD is a comedic take on the life of Weird Al Yankovic co-written by the man himself and director Eric Appel. Al is played hilariously by Daniel Radcliffe and his mother and father are played by Julianne Nicholson and Toby Huss, respectively. In this heightened telling of his life story, his girlfriend is Madonna (Evan... Continue Reading →

TIFF Review: “Pearl”

Ti West directed Pearl, the prequel to his slasher film, X. It’s set against the 1918 influenza pandemic with masks galore. Sounds familiar. Pearl (Mia Goth) loves going to the movies and dreams of making it big in Hollywood. There were several good kills, but it didn’t live up to X. Still, the teaser at... Continue Reading →

TIFF Review: “EO”

-Allison McCulloch EO is a stark story of a mistreated donkey. The film feels at times like an homage to AU HASARD BALTHAZAR. The director said in a prerecorded intro to the film, “I care about the fate of all animals.” The humans in the film have different reactions to the donkey. Some are affectionate... Continue Reading →

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