TIFF Review: “Triangle of Sadness”

“Who am I?”

Don’t go to the theater to see Triangle of Sadness on a full stomach. There is vomit and excrement galore. Wealthy people might also feel bothered by its searing social and political commentary that makes them seem like the freaks of society or at the very least, completely out of touch. An emphasis is put on those in power touting equality while actively seeking to keep those beneath them under their command.

Karl (Harris Dickinson) is supposed to be a himbo, but he reads Ulysses, perhaps for show. He fights with his girlfriend, Yaya (the recently deceased Charbli Dean) with whom he is in a power struggle, mainly over money. On a comped vacation aboard a luxury yacht, Karl reports a shirtless crew member all while being shirtless himself.

The hypocrisy continues to run rampant. Clementine (Amanda Walker) and her husband Winston (Oliver Ford Davies) manufacture grenades to preserve democracy. Walker steals the show in subtle, but powerful ways.

Woody Harrelson plays the drunk captain who makes unwise decisions. His apathy for his job and carelessness should have got him fired, but alas, no. Instead, he entertainingly gets on the loudspeaker with a passenger and they spout insane political opinions and conspiracies.

Later in the film, some tables turn, and the “rich” people beg for the sympathy and equality that they were so hesitant to bestow upon anyone in a lesser station.

The film seeks to answer what makes a person valuable in society. Ruben Östlund’s film places the viewer in an unrelenting chokehold, and that can only be forgiven by its humorous moments. He also tests the endurance of the human bladder with a runtime of 143 minutes. Winning the Palme d’Or at Cannes, it is a must for cinephiles. It will burn in your mind, probably for a long time.

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