WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre talks PENCIL event, giving back, Summerslam, Clash at the Castle & More

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre joined the team over at PENCIL in Nashville, TN to help pack some Back to School Kits on the Road to Wrestlemania. We had the opportunity to chat with the superstar about what makes him want to give back, his favorite school subjects, Summerslam, and even the upcoming Clash at the Castle coming in September.

PENCIL is a non-profit organization that builds strategic partnerships between community groups and the needs of Metro Nashville Public Schools.  They are one of the nation’s largest networks of businesses, universities, and faith-based organizations actively engaged in public schools.  Since 1982, PENCIL has worked with private industry, city officials, and other non-profits to achieve strategic goals for MNPS students through community partnerships. 

WWE SummerSlam takes place Saturday, July 30 live from Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Tickets are available right now at Ticketmaster.com

Richard Valero: What inspired you to take part in events like this one?

Drew Mcintyre: I want to be a part of whatever I can do to make a difference and use our ability to be WWE Superstars to bring awareness to places like PENCIL. It became very important to me during my 2nd run with WWE. I was signed when I was 21 from Scottland and spent eight years with WWE, and it was all very much about the in-ring stuff, winning titles, the glory on TV, probably the same outside the company. I was trying to work my way back and find myself as a person or as a wrestler, more specifically as a person. I realized I wanted to make a difference wherever I could.

You can hear the rest of the interview with Drew Mcintyre below

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