Senior Year Review – a Rebel without a cause

Netflix has a brand new comedy starring Rebel Wilson this Friday in Senior Year. It is the first movie we have seen from Wilson since 2019. I will let you know whether or not you should check it out when it drops on Netflix.

Director: Alex Hardcastle
Screenplay by: Andrew Knauer & Arthur Pielli and Brandon Scott Jones
Cast: Rebel Wilson, Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Mary Holland, Justin Hartley, Chris Parnell, Angourie Rice, Michael Cimino, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Brandon Scott Jones, and Alicia Silverstone. 
Plot: After a cheerleader falls off a pyramid and into a 20 year coma, she wakes up as a 37-year-old woman, ready to return to high school, regain her status and claim the prom queen crown that eluded her.

We introduce what early life was like for Stephanie (Rebel Wilson). She wanted to be one of the cool kids in school and it just wasn’t happening for her. Well, she woke up one day and decided she wanted to be the popular kid at school and did. On cloud nine, Stephanie is getting ready to throw a big bash, but her boyfriend tells her they plan on going to a different party and she freaks out. Things go wrong at the pep rally, and we fast forward to twenty years later when she was in a coma from the cheer accident.

Upon returning to the real world, a lot of time has passed by and Stephanie wants to go back and finish high school. However, the adjustment period isn’t going well as she finds out that everything in the school is changed, including there being no prom queen and king anymore. This doesn’t stop her from getting people on board to bring it back.

OMG stop, you are stopping climate change.

One of the glaring issues with the film is the writing of the jokes. When they are funny, you laugh somewhat hard, but when they fall flat, you audible sigh. There was like no in-between here at all. It’s like a stand-up special as not every joke will land and that is fine, but the good has to outweigh the bad and it didn’t here.

More on this type of film, I feel like often we go down this road within these types of films that attempt to take themselves far too seriously. Like go FULL BLOWN comedy with it and make us laugh. You don’t have to force these profound moments within these types of movies and they don’t work unless you nail them perfectly and 98% it doesn’t.

I just found out there was eight more Fast and Furious movies.

The ultimate cheat code was bringing up the Fast and Furious franchise and having a Britney Spears song montage. I will admit this entire Spears thing was incredible and I loved it. And the scene that followed with the cheer group in front of the whole school and parents was downright funny. Speaking of Britney, one of the best parts of this movie was the soundtrack. From Spears to Shania Twain to ending it with a little Kelly Clarkson, the film was a banger on that forefront.

Overall, Senior Year has moments that will make you laugh and other moments that will make you want to jump off a cliff. I would recommend it as it is an easy watch overall, as Rebel Wilson does shine in certain aspects of the film, but I don’t have super high expectations for the overall film.

The Verdict

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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