Honor Society Is an Honor to Watch

Paramount+ is new in the direct-to-streaming movie game, but they have recently made an excellent addition to their growing collection. Honor Society is a fourth-wall-breaking, coming-of-age tale that follows high school senior Honor (Angourie Rice) who wishes for nothing more than to escape her small town. She has everything about her life and future planned... Continue Reading →

Senior Year Review – a Rebel without a cause

Netflix has a brand new comedy starring Rebel Wilson this Friday in Senior Year. It is the first movie we have seen from Wilson since 2019. I will let you know whether or not you should check it out when it drops on Netflix. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BYmMxYTZmOTAtOTkyNi00ZjhiLTg0NGYtZWNjNzUxZTdlYjkwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODk4OTc3MTY@.V1.jpg Director: Alex HardcastleScreenplay by: Andrew Knauer & Arthur Pielli and... Continue Reading →

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