Documentary Review: “The Will to See”

-Allison McCulloch

The Will to See is potentially the most important film you’ll see in a long time. Bernard-Henri Lévy recalls the persecution of several groups. Being a war correspondent since the early 1970s, he’s able to put everything in perspective and educate the younger generations about the horrors of war.

Meeting women warriors, terrorists, and refugees, Lévy has carefully constructed this remarkable work. He reminds us that it is impossible not to feel guilt about not being able to do more for those affected, but he inspires us to do what we can.

Rating: 10/10

Opens in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington DC on April 29th with director Bernard-Henri Lévy making appearances at:
-Quad Cinema 7:00 pm 4/29 (New York)
-Landmark Westwood 7:00 pm 4/30 (Los Angeles)
-Landmark’s Opera Plaza 7:00 pm 5/1 (San Francisco)

Sneak peak:
Washington, DC 7:30 pm 4/27 (Q&A with Bernard-Henri Lévy)

Opens in Boston on May 6

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