Tomorrow morning episode 2 of season 2 of Nashville Dads Club arrives and the title of the episode is Bloodsport. We have all the details including the trailer, the celebrity guest star and more to share with you today.

“Bloodsport” Synopsis: While the Dads chill at Shelby Park with their kids, Phillip once again sees a guy that demolished him in a High School wrestling match. Against Rashad and Dean’s advice, Phil decides that today is the day he confronts this rival dad.

What: Nashville Dads Club Season 2, Ep. 2 “Bloodsport” feat. Jaren Johnston
When: Thursday, April 7th at 9a.m. EST / 8a.m. CST

Celebrity Guest Star: Jaren Johnson is the lead frontman of the band The Cadillac Three and has written several number one hits for country music artists including the Grammy-nominated ‘Meanwhile Back At Mama’s House.’ Jaren grew up with Nashville Dads Club show writer/producer/actor Phillip Cordell. This episode was shot in Shelby Park, where they grew up playing Little League Baseball together. 

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