“Peter Case: A Million Miles Away” Interview and Review

The music of varied folk songwriters and rock bands of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s have, in my opinion, stood a test of time in a fashion unfamiliar to the artists and musicians of neighboring eras.

I had yet another unbelievable opportunity to sit with, and interview, director Fred Parnes, musician Chris Seefried (music supervisor and co-producer), and co-producer (one who undertook the task of gathering a bevy of footage/resources for the film) Jordan Krause, who have collaborated to bring together a documentary about a rock star, folk singer and more, “Peter Case: A Million Miles Away.” We explore a bit of the lasting, and underappreciated, legacy of the songwriter and music at the center of their work, and I’m so grateful to have had the chance:

This doc serves as a touching homage to an artist, folk or otherwise, that deserves attention. Peter Case has seemingly paved his own road through an industry that tries to squeeze artists for profit, and on occasion this effort has led him to stand in his own way. This team manages to craft a story that is more suggestive of how we might find hope in a future that balances appreciation and compensation for an artists work with a need to find stability and growth in an ever-more-demanding audience of distributors and fans.

This explores the value of art, from a particular time and place, and how certain truths are embraced without an easy answer, or objective reason, for that art to be “successful.” Whether you find the poetry, genre of music, and subject himself to fit your tastes if important to your appreciation of the documentary, but not so much to the implications that come from this story being told. It’s a simple relay of information given through an impressive wealth of footage tracking Peter Case’s life back to his 20s, tracking his successes and struggles as a performer, husband, father, and person longing for a certain freedom of expression and living.

Watching “Peter Case” is like taking a deep breath; Sometimes you’re too busy and concerned with life in the present, but sitting calmly and reflecting can have value you may not feel until you take time and exhale.

“Peter Case: A Million Miles Away,” is premiering at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on March 11th and 12th, then hopefully it will receive a wider distribution and you’ll all have the chance I’ve had to explore an underappreciated artist.

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