Scream 5 4DX Review

I was excited for Scream 5, but sadly going in did get spoiled. It was still an amazing time, and what made the experience even more fun was watching Scream 5 in 4dx.

For people who don’t know what 4dx is. 4dx is a special format in some cinemas that gives you a more immersive experience. The seats you sit on are synchronised, move in time to what is happening on the screen. Some of the effects included are wind, water, light flashes, vibration, smoke, smells and much more. Not all 4dx cinemas have the same effects. Picture a less intense theme park movie ride short film. I wasn’t certain how good the 4dx would be, considering this was a horror. I was pleased to find out it worked well.

Some examples of 4dx. When people phones rang the seats vibrated. When people got stabbed you could feel a small jab in the back of the chair. Water sprayed on you, making it feel like blood. Luckily it was rare for water to splash on my face. For me, the water went more often on my arm. But it’s only small, short splashes. There was also lots of wind. You did get shaken around a lot, which was fun. Although the 4dx didn’t use much or any of the other effects, I listed above. This could also be due to the fact sometimes effects don’t work etc.

Scream 5 takes place in Woodsboro a decade, after the events of the previous film. The story, like Scream 4, introduces a bunch of new teen characters. Even though it’s called Scream, fans will be pleased to know it’s a continuation of the series. The original cast is also back. This time, more killings start happening, with a killer in a ghost face costume. The killer is targeting a new group of teenagers. The new group of characters all have connections to Woodsboro’s past.

The story focuses on Sam Carpenter, who is the main character in the new cast. She is played by Melissa Barrera. Sam returns to Woodsboro with her boyfriend Richie, who is played by Jack Quaid. Sam hears about her sister Tara being attacked. Tara is played by Jenna Ortega. We are also introduced to Wes Hicks played by Dylan Minnette. Wes hicks mum is now sheriff Judy Hicks.

Sam then seeks help from Dewey, played by David Arquette. Dewey suffers from depression. He has retired from the police as sheriff and Gale played by Courtney Cox has divorced him. After hearing the news, he is hesitant to help Stop Ghostface. Dewey tells Sam that whoever is targeting people, the first victim is always in a friend group the killer is a part of. Dewey knows it’s the right thing to help. In doing so, he calls, Sidney played by Neve Campbell. He then texts Gale. This brings the original legacy cast all back together again. To help the stop the killer and finally find out who is killing people.

All the cast do a fantastic job, new and old. For some supporting new cast, I heard it was their first film they have ever done. All the performances are strong. The cast have a great chemistry with each other. If you get a chance to look at behind the scenes photos with the cast you won’t regret it.

This film is a fun time. When watching I would not have guessed who the killers are. Although this film is less gory than previous scream films, it has a much more realistic tone, and in doing so, makes the deaths worse. Though not as much over the top blood. As with most of the kills, You feel like you are finally getting to know the new characters. Viewers may build attachments to the new cast etc., it makes it more emotional when they die. Some of the most violent parts including the opening scene had surprising twists, which, I thought, was extremely clever. The trailers are good at misleading you.

Scream is known not only for its horror but also its comedy, and how the characters are self-aware. This gives the Scream series a more realistic feel. Viewers can go on a journey with the characters and feel like part of their group. The characters say things you are thinking and feeling, which gives the film a more relatable and feel.

One scene I found funny was when, Jasmine Savoy Brown who plays Mindy Meeks-Martin and related to Randy. Mindy talks about how the killer is trying to make a Requel. An requel is not a sequel, but it’s also not a reboot either. If you make a half reboot half sequel and put them together, then you get a Requel. In doing this it makes the characters feel real. This allows the audience to relate to the characters more.

People may be surprised that this movie also has lots of action scenes. From chases to punches and first fights. Not like normal horror movies. Some audiences who watch this film, may enjoy the element of trying to work out who the killer is. Before we discover the identity of Ghostface.

Fans will enjoy all the references and characters from previous films return. Another scene in the film where one character was watching Dawson creek. This is a reference to Kevin Williamson who wrote the first Scream films. He also created Dawson creek. He also helped a little with this Movie.

For me the pacing of the opening and middle acts felt a bit slow. They could have done a bit more for the last scenes. I would have also liked the final battle and action scenes to have been a bit longer, as it felt a bit rushed. I would recommend going to see this film, if you want an enjoyable movie that new and old fans can enjoy!

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