“Along Came Wanda” Director and Cast Interview

“I don’t think relationships work unless you’re friends with somebody. I mean, we can love somebody, we can even lust after somebody. We can have the greatest sex that ever was. But if you don’t really, at your core, LIKE this person, and they’re not your friend, and you don’t have interests that build around this friendship, then how do you end up staying together, in love, forever?” (Janice Corran, Director)

I had another amazing opportunity to talk with a group of creators and friends (Director Jan Corran, stars Cathy DeBuono and Constance Brenneman, and co-star Max Adler)to discuss how they made a feature in the wake of Covid and changes many people have had to make in their lives:

This story, at first glance, seems so simple. Two people decide to go on a trip. There’s some romantic tension. Will they? Won’t They? But after a while you start to feel this is a product of familiarity with other movies, and “Along Came Wanda” is touching on these things to say something unique. It isn’t about whether they will or won’t…whatever. It’s about if they can embrace the full intimacies that can come with a friendship.

You can feel that this is an intimate production among friends, and everyone feels comfortable with one another in that it serves the film. It’s about self-exploration, honesty, and occasionally dips into comedy through character actions and concepts that are a bit larger than life. I hope you all take the chance to support a simple hurdle of people gathering to make art when pre-orders become available on Apple TV this Monday, February 7th, and then when it wide releases on the same service February 14th, 2022.

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