“HALO” Series Trailer 2

Paramount+ has released a more full look at “HALO” and, despite seeming to meet the games just on the other side of the uncanny valley, giving this a feel of a video game with next-gen graphics, there are echoes of the feeling of reading an extended universe novel or watching cutscenes for the game. We get to hear Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber)’s voice, a full look at Cortana (Jen Taylor), If the Spartans here are well written and there’s a solid enough story, this is beginning to look promising:

I could do without the “In the Air Tonight” cover… if it can even be called that when the music is so generically “cinematic.” Created by and developed by Steven Kane and Kyle Killen, written by Steve Kane, directed by Jonathan LiebesmanOtto BathurstRoel Reiné, and Jessica Lowrey, and produced by Sheila Hockin and Charlotte Keating, Paramount will release this streaming March 24th, 2022.

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