And Just Like That: Episode 8 ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’ Recap

Spoilers Ahead! Catch up on And Just Like That before reading.

Harry’s health comes into question when Charlotte enacts damage control with Lily; worlds collide as the love triangle between Miranda, Steve and Che reaches a conclusion; Carrie tries to make a peace offering with her trendy and boisterous neighbour but ends up with an eyeful.

It’s hard not to talk about this week’s And Just Like That episode without mentioning the sizeable… elephant in the room. Boldly going where Sex and the City never dared to before, we receive not one but two glances at full male frontal nudity. Both moments are fleeting (blink and you may quite literally miss it) but long enough to stun us into a ‘did that just happen’ trance. There’s really no reason for either to have been shown. Frankly it’s confusing. Why now? Maybe it’s to help dispute the equal nudity opportunities on HBO; Sex and the City was no stranger to flashing the female body on-screen so it seems the network is embracing the progressive culture the very same show is re-establishing.

Phallic surprises aside, Harry’s health might be a cause for concern. Remember back in episode 4 when Charlotte cancelled his colonoscopy? And it was referenced several times over a brief runtime? Eyebrows admittedly raised at the writers’ insistence to talk about Harry’s medical history to no expense – there wasn’t even a joke to be made. It’s not been mentioned since but when Lily almost catches her parents in the act, Charlotte brazenly throws her off the scent by saying she’s checking Harry for cancer. We could overlook the excuse as an attempt to avoid an awkward conversation with her daughter – it’s not exactly a position any parent wants to be in with their kid, right? There is only 2 episodes so it’d be a pretty devastating curveball to throw if Harry did have cancer; however, all the nods seem weirdly out of pocket to come to nothing.

Miranda is bored. Bored with her life, bored with her marriage and sadly, bored with doting husband, Steve. The pair have had a bumpy road to say the least and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the latter. In an abrupt turn of events, Che apparently thought Miranda was in an open marriage, which seemed to be the push Miranda needed to end said marriage and confesses her love to Che. This is a wild episode for these three, building up to what everyone has seen coming ever since Che rocked Miranda’s world. Is this the end for Steve and Miranda? Looks like it. In an emotional (or what tries to be) conversation, Miranda confesses to seeing someone else. If we’re supposed to be rooting for her she sure is making it difficult. Any sympathy we may have is thrown onto Steve – who admits he never thought he was enough for her.

Is Carrie still cool? Was she ever cool? She wasn’t not cool. Apparently, the columnist feels the same when her younger neighbours send her mind into a tailspin. To be fair, they are super loud. Carrie’s annoyance is validated. Not wanting to be the cranky downer who ruins the fun, Carrie bides her time before witnessing the other couple have an explosive break up. Turns out there’s no bad blood between Carrie and her neighbour who does actually think Carrie’s “cool” despite catching her in some questionable get-up.

And Just Like That should be looking to wrap up its story in the coming episode, yet there aren’t many stories to even conclude. Carrie has had an arc per episode whereas Charlotte’s reaching significant character milestones. Miranda, on the other hand, is getting a little too much attention with her story progressing quickly but somehow now fast enough. All we can hope for now is… More Seema.

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