And Just Like That: ‘Hello It’s Me’, ‘Little Black Dress’ Review

Hello lovers… New York’s most glamorous residents are back with the Sex and the City revival series ‘And Just Like That.’

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) reunites with life-long gal pals, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristen Davis), as they struggle to navigate and blend in with the ever-evolving modern culture.

At the beginning of the episode, the trio make it clear that they can’t “stay who they were” during a conversation about ageing whilst Miranda and Charlotte playfully bicker over dye jobs and clinging to their youth. And just like that… the Sex and the City we once knew and loved is long in the past and a new age is upon us. Crossing into the current climate is a theme set up fairly well by the first two episodes. Like the characters, the show is pushing boundaries – exploring uncharted territory – and opens a brand new exciting yet challenging chapter for Carrie and her friends.

It’s as if nothing has changed between them, except one thing. Let’s address the burning question on everyone’s mind: where is Samantha (Kim Cattrall)? The show is quick to get this out the way, briefly explaining her absence as her relocating to London for work. If only it were that simple because Carrie later goes on to mention a major fallout with the publicist and that the group have since lost touch with her – talk about blurring the lines. Samantha’s presence is definitely missed but it hasn’t left the gaping hole you might have expected it to.

So, where are the trio with their lives since we last saw them? Carrie is networking onto a vulgar podcast platform with comedian Che (Sara Ramirez) and living out her fairytale fantasy with Big (Chris Noth), spending evenings blissfully crooning together and romanticising Big’s Peloton instructor. The two are charming to watch as always, easily falling back into the swing of things as if no time has passed, which makes this premiere all the more devastating as it unfolds.

Miranda is undertaking a master’s degree in human rights, going out of her way to make life needlessly difficult for herself whenever she encounters class professor, Nya (Karen Pittman). There are a bunch of face palm moments involving Miranda and Nya with the former not quite knowing when to stop talking, but the show seems to be tapping into its own self-awareness that had been lacking from the original. Meanwhile, Steve (David Eigenberg) is going deaf, growing comically ignorant to their teen son’s frequent vocal romps with his girlfriend.

Ever the overbearing perfectionist, Charlotte’s trying her best to keep up appearances with doting hubby Harry (Evan Handler) and their daughters: virtuoso, Lily, and Rose, whose experimentation with alt-fashion and hobbies sends Charlotte’s mind spiralling. Another newbie, Lisa (Nicole Ari Parker), tags along with the group as a socialite mother who befriends Charlotte. Not much is really known about Lisa but so far, she’s easily fallen into step with the core three and already looks like she’ll be a lot of fun.

And Just Like That has started strong with these opening episodes. It’s an emotional whirlwind back into the world of Carrie Bradshaw – grab some Kleenex people! The series a far cry from where these ladies began as singletons, that’s for sure, but where’s the fun in living in the past?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  1. Love sex and the city from the very first show. Started watching And just like that. Watched the first new one and you all killed Big…very shocked and cried like a baby. Have been thinking should I watch the rest?


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