Single All The Way Review: A Sweet little Christmas Love Story

Director: Michael Mayer
Writer: Chad Hodge
StarringMichael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Luke Macfarlane, Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Robertson with Jennifer Coolidge, and Kathy Najimy
Plot: Desperate to avoid his family’s judgment about his perpetual single status, Peter (Michael Urie) convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to join him for the holidays and pretend that they’re now in a relationship. But when Peter’s mother (Kathy Najimy) sets him up on a blind date with her handsome trainer James (Luke Macfarlane)— the plan goes awry.

Being alone is rough, but being single and going home for the holidays makes for a tough time. Peter (Michael Urie) finds out that his boyfriend of a few months is actually married, so now he is heading home alone for the holidays.

Upon his arrival home, Peter finds out his mom set him up on a blind date, much to the dismay of James.

The film takes a massive step forward when the arrival of Aunt Sandy (Jennifer Coolidge). I love Jennifer Coolidge and the story being told upon her introduction only hypes up her arrival is terrific and she is nonstop entertainment throughout.

I’ll be candid, Michael Urie is the star of this film in so many ways. He is funny, charming and perfectly cast as Peter. I loved what he brought to the table and his sincere approach to this role.

The story is very predictable, best friends like each other, they both watch each other in relationships, etc., etc., etc. However, I loved the way the family was on board with making the two come together. The story wasn’t like the prototypical they accidentally fall in love. I love creative writing in a story told a million times. Also, factor in that with an ensemble cast that made you fall in love with the story.

The Verdict: B

Single All the Way is a sweet little Christmas love story.

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