“Introducing Jodea” Chloe Traicos Interview

“Introducing Jodea” is a romantic comedy about an aspiring actress and her developing relationship with a director willing to develop her skill, at first as part of a bet and then well, because it’s a romantic comedy! Chloe Traicos kindly shared time and we explored the struggles of independent filmmaking and her familiarity with the film industry and all of its’ hurdles.

She gives insight and perspective to the movie that I think would be great for anyone to know who plans to watch the movie:

“A struggling young actress’ fortunes change when the a world famous movie director drives into the back of her car.” (IMDB Synopsis)

The movie stars Chloe Traicos and Jeff Coppage and was written based on a story by Chloe Traicos. Directed by Jon Cohen and produced by Lou Pizarro, Jeremy Lynn, and Mark Cooper, “Introducing Jodea” is available on VOD November 16th, 2021.

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