‘Wentworth’ Seasons Ranked

Now that Wentworth has officially ended, it’s time to revisit each season and list where they would rank.

9. Season 7 (2019)

Characterisation sort of goes out the window for a hot second here. Allie is put through the ringer whilst Marie’s stint as top dog presents little to the story. A shocking character death does make way for a murder mystery but even so, the reveal of the killer is quite underwhelming.

8. Season 8 (2020)

Lives are shook, leadership is challenged, Lou Kelly makes an entrance, and it’s all topped off with a Ferguson shaped bow. A lot happens, crammed into a narrow timeframe. Think of it as the calm before the storm. One of the greater aspects, though, is definitely the beginning of Marie’s redemption arc.

7. Season 9/Season 8 – Part Two (2021)

Starting and ending with a bang, the final season is everything that season 8 was building towards. Implementing reflections on previous chapters, nostalgia is strong throughout. The finale also gives nothing away until the very last second, ending with a bittersweet shot of the H-block crew.

6. Season 5 (2017)

As great as it was to have Franky back in regular appearances, season 5 is a tough watch. It involves a lot of over-the-top plots and trauma, taking away the essence of realism that the show had maintained until this point. There’s a few good episodes, especially the finale, but Ferguson receiving a god-complex is hard to wrap your head around.

5. Season 6 (2018)

With fewer original characters, the show introduces a handful of newbies that take the reigns on the narrative. There’s a lot of corner cutting with these arcs considering every single newcomer is linked to a current character or even each other. We do get to see Kaz embrace the top dog life though and she carries it extremely well.

4. Season 4 (2016)

This chapter switches up the narrative and offers a change of pace. Ferguson behind bars creates a dynamic shift with the characters, pitting them against one another in a way she hadn’t managed to before. There’s a tender romance rooted amongst the tension before ending in heartbreaking cliffhanger.

3. Season 1 (2013)

It’s debut season marks a tremendous introduction to the world of Wentworth. Throwing you straight into the deep end, every episode would near enough give you whiplash with its twists and turns – including one of the greatest pilot episodes to ever air.

2. Season 3 (2015)

Bea Smith’s rise to the power is an exhilarating journey but finally seeing her in action is every bit as fulfilling as you could imagine. The third season explores the arcs of supporting characters in greater detail, providing harrowingly accurate depictions of alcoholism and PTSD.

1. Season 2 (2014)

Season 2 displays some of the best writing I’ve ever seen on a TV show as the series turns down a darker path. The entire build-up is phenomenal alongside the introduction of Ferguson. It is definitive of a pressure cooker and edge-of-your seat drama.

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