Succession Recap: Lion in the Meadow

When you have as good a show as Succession, you often have people you constantly chat with about the show. Typically on Monday’s my friend and MCDI writer Katherine and I spend time picking apart the episode and it is always a blast. So, we got together and decided to share our thoughts on each episode of Succession moving forward.

We have seen the battle between Kendall and his family has gotten ugly because of his takedown of his dad Logan Roy. Shiv took charge and decided to get real personal with the company attacks on him. The final moments were the FBI about to storm in and raid the Roys.

Little Lord FuckleRoy has left the call


The company is in shambles means that Logan has to attempt to bring it all together, no matter how that is. He knows that Greg is a pivotal piece of the pie and we all know that Greg is struggling to keep it together. I enjoy the fact everyone downplays Greg and while he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, he isn’t as dumb as they think he is.

Upon hearing the news that Adrien Brody would be added to the series cast, I was excited. Brody is a great actor and fits perfectly into the fold. We are introduced to him mid-episode as Josh Aaronson, an investor who is trying to see what is going on within the Roy power structure to see if he needs to pull out or not. He plays hardball, which leads to this phenomenal moment of awkward silence of Kendall and Logan in the room alone together.

The relationship between Greg and Tom is getting deep, but Greg is getting tired of taking it on the chin from him and finally stands up to him. It was nice to see, honestly.

In this episode, Brody was excellent as Josh, playing a game of chess trying to get his money back but also used as a pawn to get Kendall to pipe it down a little. I loved his tone of voice, the way he handled the entire meeting. Brody will be an essential chess piece moving forward and I am here for it.

I am blown away by the way they can raise the stakes on every episode. The writing is brilliant and these actors and actresses bring these words to life. It gives us enough to chew on and enough questions to leave us running to predict what’s next—another brilliant episode.

The Verdict: A-

I’m a sturdy… birdy.


In this week’s episode of Succession, we tackle Greg’s uninvested, bread-basket-worthy power, Shiv’s icy ruthlessness with all things except her pantsuits, and buzz word Kendall is back at it again. Though Greg is a heavy hitter for the audience, it’s made abundantly clear that, in the Roy family, acknowledging him is a matter of occasionally necessary convenience. Greg has his skittish hooks in Tom, or vice versa depending on the episode, but other than their touchy, banter-filled brawls, Greg is a floater with only the guidance of his vampiric-scheduled lawyer to trust. Greg’s one who always needs to fill the silence in a room up with enough disarming nonsense that you choke on it. He’s the one who nervously chugs down an early day rum and coke for the sake of his shaky dignity. Greg deserves to have someone invest in him on a basic human level, yet that still remains to be seen.

The person to do that is clearly not Shiv, who’s currently having everyone in her life push her aside, dismiss her, and find her presence to be so unwanted that she can silence an entire conference room with a low energy smile. While none of this is surprising, it’s no less brutal to watch someone who’s been striving for some decent amount of workplace power only to be shut down by even her own family members.

Contemplative Kendall is once again ready to fire off the comebacks, tinged with awkwardness where the punchlines just don’t quite land. Kendall paces penthouses frequently, postures with multi-syllabic swear conjunctions, and burrows himself in shades of brown with guarded popped collared shirts. The internal unrest that defines Kendall is at the surface in the unsettlingly quiet reunion scenes with Logan. There’s so much to say that nothing can be said at all. Well, at least at first, anyway.

As Adrien Brody’s beanie-wearing Josh Aaronson brings the black-hatted father and son into in the sunshine, they’re forced to address the stark futures their heavy-handed decision-making has led to. While no substantial progress is made between the duo, it’s evident that there’s still love there. But, at least on Kendall’s side, his pesky conscious creeps back into the forefront. Maybe it’s not all about showy galas and revenge plots for Kendall, after all.

The Verdict: B/B+

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