‘Wentworth’: Top 10 Unforgettable Moments

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Wentworth is ready for an explosive finale on Tuesday night so let’s reflect on some of the show’s most unforgettable moments.

It was tough to narrow it down to ten but here goes!

10. Rita Kills Drago (6.10)

Protecting her sister, Rita challenges Marie’s right-hand and embeds herself as perfect top dog material. The queen of denim risks everything as the scene depicts how selfless she truly is whilst also setting up a further feud with Marie in later seasons. As far as newcomers to the show go, Rita secures her place as the favourite.

9. Will Buries The Freak (5.12)

Ferguson and Will’s age old feud seemingly reaches an end when he – with the help of Jake and Allie – buries her alive. Perhaps one of the greatest twists on the show, there’s no inclination that this is where the season would have concluded. The Freak lays trapped in a box left with nothing but the image of Bea Smith staring back at her, haunting screams filling the air.

8. Brayden is Shot (2.12)

Just like his mother, Brayden knows how to get beneath Bea’s skin. Season 1 deals with everything Bea has lost, season 2 is her vengeance and it’s clear where her path will wind up. Brayden has it coming. Even with a gun to his head minutes prior, he allows a momentary flash of arrogance to flicker just enough for Bea to catch it.

7. “It’s f***ing governor.” (4.01)

The end of season 3 has Vera finally take a stand against Ferguson’s tyrannical reign. Yet nothing could have ever prepared us for the satisfaction that comes with hearing these three words. The newly promoted governor refuses to allow Ferguson to manipulate her anymore.

6. Franky’s Confession (3.07)

Season 3 is very Franky-centric. She steps back from the limelight, focusing on her parole and trying to avoid Ferguson’s warpath. As her budding romance with Bridget blossoms, Franky snaps under pressure and makes a shocking confession in a throwback to the first season. The music builds, Bridget continues to push and jaws drop. “I f***ing killed Meg Jackson!” Franky cries.

5. Bea Confronts Jacs (1.10)

By the time the season 1 finale rolls around, Jacs is at rock bottom. She knows exactly where to push in order for Bea to crack; it’s what she wants so when the other woman does strike, there’s a dark fulfilment of victory within Jacs. The moment comes a total surprise, occurring in the blink of an eye and leaves everyone reeling from the sight of a blood-spattered Jacs Holt.

4. Ferguson’s Arrival (2.01)

Monologuing and a last second face reveal gives Ferguson an almighty presence just 3 minutes into the season 2 premiere. She marches with purpose. Her no nonsense tone leaves little room for argument. This woman means business, immediately rendering herself as a threat to the top dog. Then, the emergence from the shadows; “My name’s Ms. Ferguson, but you can call me Governor.” Ferguson’s entrance is iconic.

3. “You don’t run this prison… I do.” (3.01)

When it comes to authority, Bea Smith had the whole of Wentworth under her thumb. Who else could have orchestrated a successful prison riot from solitary confinement? Bea marked her territory as the definitive top dog. Hearing her reinstate control over Ferguson still warrants goose bumps.

2. Franky and Bea Fight For Top Dog (2.11)

No fight scene ever lived up to this penultimate episode’s battle between Franky and Bea. Everyone spent the entire season anticipating the clash of the titans brawl, rooting desperately for Bea to come out on top. It is the definition of edge-of-your-seat drama.

1. Bea Smith Arrives (1.01)

The moment it all began sees the arrival of a sheepish red-headed housewife at Wentworth Prison. Her whole personality could be seen in these early moments. Bea was the centre of the show for four seasons with a slow-burn arc to the top of the prison food chain and what an adventure it was.

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