‘Wentworth’ Season 9 Episode 7 ‘Decimation’ Review

Vera (Kate Atkinson) and Will (Robbie Magasiva) enlist an ally to take down Dr. Miller (David de Lautour). Two foes bury the hatchet whilst Lou (Kate Box) grows paranoid of a mole in her midst. A code blue leaves several staff members shaken and Ann (Jane Hall) uncovers a disturbing plan.

For what little screen time they’ve had together recently, Rita (Leah Purcell) and Marie (Susie Porter) have perfected the art of bickering. Neither actually hold any genuine concern or respect for the other but the pairing does have great potential. The back and forth between them is entertaining to say the least; scathing quips come fast with a lighthearted jest. Purcell and Porter have shown what incredible chemistry they share in previous seasons, though seeing them under a new (and likely temperamental) light is refreshing and delightful.

Every single week, the staff find new ways to break protocols and slip under the radar to execute their motives and tonight is no different. If only the drama wasn’t so delicious because watching Vera and Will scheming with one another is a potent reminder of the early seasons. Although, Vera comes to the realisation that she may be in over her head when an attempt to get rid of Miller comes with shocking consequences.

Kate Jenkinson gives her all in a particularly upsetting scene. The angst Allie feels is weighted by great despair. Who was once a mighty, respectable warrior at the top of the food chain is now an isolated, broken shell. Jenkinson pours her heart into the role, evident by those few moments. In such a small timeframe, we see all that Allie fears and has been struggling with since the beginning of the season. Without a doubt, Jenkinson steals tonight’s show.

Let’s not forget that everyone’s favourite general manager pops back in at the prison. Somehow, Ann has wriggled her way to becoming one of the show’s most despicable villains and into our hearts all at the same time. It’s difficult to imagine the series without her. Hall is a force, which isn’t surprising considering the bulldozer that is Ann Reynolds. As the finale closes in, Ann’s looking as though she will be a crucial player in getting the ball rolling for a fierce conclusion.

Speaking of Ann, is it possible her vendetta against Judy (Vivienne Awosoga) will cloud her judgement on doing the right thing? Absolutely. Clearly, the general manager isn’t one to abide by the rules. She is chaotic, impulsive even, and now holds some fundamental information that could bring her all the vengeance she has ever dreamed of. However, this is Wentworth and nothing is for certain, but Ann is definitely spelling trouble for the well-being of staff and inmates alike.

With just three episodes left, it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly the story will end. ‘Decimation’ is emotion driven. Little else happens with the plot aside from a certain prop falling right into Ann’s lap. The future doesn’t look bright for the prison, but optimism must prevail.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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