‘Turner and Hooch’ Season 1 Episode 10 ‘Lost and Hound’ Review

All hands are on deck when Erica’s beloved K9 companion, Angel, is stolen right from underneath her nose. Xavier’s personal life has him down in the dumps and Scott and Laura finally uncover what their father was working towards!

Let’s start off by celebrating a major breakthrough since the show’s beginning. The reason we’ve all been tuning in every week, leaving us more and more curious than the last has been revealed. That’s right, we have answers on the Scott Turner Sr!!! As the two siblings discover, their father was preparing to expose an illegal dog ring in the days leading up to his death. Now, Scott and Laura look to be teaming up in order to complete Turner Sr’s final quest and put a stop to Walton.

Erica and Xavier feature quite heavily in this episode, more so Erica who plays into her comical side as she grows increasingly frantic to find her dog. Having her re-join the team is a definite necessity for entertainment, she is a blast to watch. Xavier, on the other hand, is not himself and is struggling with his relationship with Olivia. It could have been a little more Xavier-centric given that he still hasn’t had much airtime and this was a good opportunity to get to know him better but it wasn’t meant to be.

A new character joins the trio amidst the chaos. Whilst transporting inmate, Dixon, Scott and Xavier get the call about Angel’s disappearance. Dixon adds to the humour as he gets wholly invested in saving the dog (same, buddy, same). Between himself and Erica, it’s hard to pinpoint which of the two made the episode worth watching. It’s a shame we won’t see him again because he is utterly wholesome.

The tenth instalment makes it difficult to decipher whether the show is supposed to be completely satirical or not. Some episodes are clearly poking fun at the stories they’re telling but have an underlying serious quality whereas others are silly and over-the-top; there’s no balance with the tone and the inconsistency is distracting to say the least. Obviously I am not expecting a high stakes cop thriller, it should be fun, it should be goofy, but sometimes the theme and the characterisation are slightly too serious.

Lost and Hound is adventurous, quirky, playful, all the good things this show should be. Huge bonus points for eventually cutting to the chase about Turner Sr! Here’s to the final two episodes wrapping up in a sweet conclusion.

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