Self-Care Spotlight: September 18th, 2021

It’s been a long, yet all too fast, hard, and exhausting week, and you need rest. I’m changing things up with these articles, offering a few movies that stand out rather than 10-15 new releases to numb your mind among decisions to make.

Here I offer predictions for new releases with the hopes that it will point you, the reader, to engage with the movie that will best serve your needs, encouraging all of you, in some way, to take care of yourself.

Categories of Self-Care: These are a list of ways I feel one may benefit from viewing movies as a form of self-care.

Affirmation (makes you feel “right” or “correct”)
Empathy (learning or personal growth)
Representation (feeling represented or understood)

Welcome back to the end of the week!

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”

I would watch this for the performances of the two leads alone. Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield flex their muscles as performers telling a rough story about the rise and fall of an extremely successful couple who worked as televangelists who seemed different than most until greed and corruption seems to have destroyed their platform.

Releases in select theaters September 17th, 2021

Self-Care Value- Entertainment, Empathy- I’m hoping this is more of an empathetic character study than its’ larger-than-life creative tone. Regardless, it will be something to talk about and Google for at least the week ahead.

“Cry Macho”

Clint Eastwood seems to feel another story about him teaching a minority youth how to change his value system to a nostalgic ideal of honor and respectability was worth time and effort. Controversy has followed “Gran Torino” since its’ release, but with Clint Eastwood sharing a voice with nearly a century of experience, its hard to not feel this will be moving and enlightening in some way.  

Released in Theaters and on HBO Max September 17th, 2021.

Self-Care Value: Affirmation, Empathy- You already know if this product is what you want. If it is, then this should feel validated and hopeful.


Sam Raimi is only a producer here, but he tends to care about entertaining an audience. It’s more the imagination on display and Krysten Ritter that makes this feel like more than just entertainment for children into territory of something to spark creativity and fandoms for horror and fantasy.

Releases on Netflix September 15th, 2021

Self-Care Value: Entertainment- The child actor performances seem questionable by the trailer but, in recent years, horror-flavored family faire like “Goosebumps” and “The House With a Clock in its Walls” has seemed to find success.

“Everybody’s Talking About JAIME”

Based on a true story about an aspiring drag queen, it features all the hallmarks championing LGBTQIAA representation (a parent who asks “what is ‘normal’ anyway, dance numbers, general vibes of support) and seems to be potentially heart-warming but somewhat familiar.

Releases on Amazon Prime-Video September 17th, 2021

Self-Care Value- Affirmation, Empathy, Representation, Entertainment– While building empathy and affirmation for its’ representative audience, this seems to celebrate the potential value of acceptance and celebration of individuals who still feel they must hide, as most do in their adolescent, formative years.  

“Little Girl”

This documentary explores the dynamics of a family trying to validate a transgender child in a society that rejects support of this.

Releases in Select Theaters September 17th, 2021

Self-Care Value- Empathy, Representation– Just watching the trailer will make you think about the interaction you may one-day have with a child close to you about their dreams and how hard it may be to crush them. There is a lot we don’t know about why the world works the way it does, and this seems to be a step towards understanding.

“Prisoners of the Ghostland”

Shout out to other releases this week which include:

“Prisoners of the Ghostland”- Nicholas Cage and horror veteran Bill Moseley. Cage is hired to recapture the Governor’s daughter “Escape From New York” style. Promising festival reactions! – Select Theaters and VOD September 17th

“Schumacher”– A documentary on the life of seven-time Formula 1 world champion driver Michael Schumacher. (May offer inspiration, growth, and empathy)- Netflix September 15th

“Best Sellers”- Aubrey Plaza and Michael Caine tour the release of the book he owes her publishing company. It seems like a dark-road-trip-comedy with stars who know how to embrace that tone.- Select Theaters and VOD September 17th

“Blue Bayou”– Justin Chon directs and stars with Alicia Vikander through a drama about a father who faces deportation and the struggles of “an American family fighting for their future.” – Select Theaters September 17th

“Copshop”- Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo… guns-a-blazin’ – Select Theaters September 17th

“Lady of the Manor”- A comedy with a talented cast about a woman who engages with a ghost to learn to be… a lady… I…– Select Theaters and VOD September 17th

“The Nowhere Inn”- Real life singer St. Vincent begins a documentary about her music and touring life on the road. She hires a close friend to direct,  and notions of “reality, identity, and authenticity” grow increasingly distorted as the movie becomes more of a mockumentary. – Select Theaters and VOD September 17th

Self-care is about, quite literally, caring for oneself; learning, growing, changing, or, sometimes, settling into a safe, comfortable place to laugh, cry and love or feel loved. I hope this series will serve as a weekly reminder that we deserve care and to give care where needed, while celebrating the power of telling stories and a little movie-magic.

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