TIFF: “Jagged” Review

-Allison McCulloch

This review will not provide a rating. After I watched the doc, the story broke that Alanis Morissette said that director Alison Klayman betrayed her trust. As I want to make documentaries one day, this is a total setback and totally unethical as well. Subjects should be able to trust the filmmakers that filmed them. If they ever confided something in me and then told me that they didn’t want it in the film, I would 100% honor and respect their wishes.

That being said, the documentary covered the early part of Alanis’ career as well as when she met Glen Ballard, changing her life forever. People called the record that would become Jagged Little Pill “too in your face” and Ballard had to fight for “Ironic” to be on the record (and isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?).

The focus should be on Alanis having the 2nd best-selling album by a female artist and the 12th best-selling album ever, selling 33 million copies of Jagged Little Pill, 75 million records total, gaining 7 Grammys, 13 Junos, and garnering 15 Tony nominations for the Jagged Little Pill Broadway musical.

Before the L.A. Times story broke, I stumbled on news outlets focusing on Alanis’ relating how she gave her consent at 15-years-old and later realized it was statutory rape. The controversy escalated as Alanis felt betrayed by Klayman. Alanis did not out any of her abusers and she comes off as a strong survivor who is now a loving mother.

It is too bad this popstar was portrayed this way. Despite her songs being sung in concert by artists such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, Alanis expresses regret over the way she has been fawned over by her audience: “Being in the public eye is not a normal social construct.”

It will be up to the potential audience if they decide to support this product. Certain decisions were made and it will perhaps taint the documentary and Alison Klayman’s future career.

HBO release date: November 19, 2021

Vegan alert:
-Alanis said being deprived of the milk in her coffee caused an eating disorder. The problem is that there are many unhealthy attitudes toward eating and people lack the proper nutritional advice. Healthy nut and seed milks are available as alternatives. People can thrive without being deprived.
-Alanis wears fur coat

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