North American Film Critic Association Announces New Categories + Dates

The North American Film Critic Association had their first-ever meeting this past weekend to discuss the upcoming award season, important dates to know, and hash out any categories that are consistently overlooked by the awards season. 

Important Dates to Remember

One of the founders, Ricky Valero, wanted to be one of the first groups that showcase the voting process and the final award-winning selections LIVE on the air while it happened. So on January 23rd, the group will get together and share the picks for the nominations. If there are any tie-breakers needed, you will witness them discuss it live. 

At the Awards show, each member will cast their vote LIVE on February 6th, 2022, and as they reveal their votes, we will find out the winners at the same time you find them out. 

New Categories Being Added

First up, Allison McCulloch came up with the idea of recognizing the stuntmen/women. We all agreed that they are consistently underappreciated around awards time. Allison also brought up the idea of recognizing Animal performances. So we have added that to the mix.

Next, Kolby brought up how genre-based movies like, Comedy and the often overlooked Horror genre that we all agreed need to be recognized. Gabe and Kolby combined for the idea of the Best Blockbuster movie, which also led to Amanda coming up with the idea of Best Streaming Movie. 

The group also talked about how independent films need to be more recognized. Ricky/Jacob/Diego came up with the idea that cinema under the $5 million budget will be recognized in this category. We also had Nadia come up with the Hidden Gem award, which would be each member of the group brings up one film that they loved in the year that won’t get much award love. 

So the NAFCA will hand out the typical awards you see during the Academy Awards plus the following.

Best Stunts
Best Streaming Movie
Best Blockbuster
Best Animal Performance 
Best Comedy Movie
Best Horror Movie
Best Independent Movie
Hidden Gem 

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