‘Turner and Hooch’ Season 1 Episode 6 ‘The Fur-Gitive’ Review

The Fur-gitive’ sees Turner and Hooch finally up the ante with its romance as Scott’s love life conundrum takes centre stage. At long last, Erica is getting the recognition she deserves! 

Brooke remains a stranger in the dark to everyone but the leading man apparently. All we know is that they dated once and Scott has been totally hung up on her ever since; however, a bunch of peculiar revelations are made in this episode that make us question the nature of their relationship.

For starters, Brooke knows little to nothing about Scott’s family – particularly his father – including what prompted her lost love to join law enforcement. Surely this is something the pair would have covered during their time together no matter how fleeting considering she has been at the forefront of Scott’s thoughts since the pilot.

In turn, Scott only meets her parents for them first time in this episode. It’s not completely unbelievable for him not to have an introduction before now, but it’s harder to justify Brooke’s absence from his own family’s life. I guess it is an attempt to reiterate the vanity of her character that is frequently referenced upon by various others. If this is the case, the method of storytelling is an easy way to cut corners whilst, at the same time, failing to evolve the characters properly.

Erica and Scott seem to be taking some steps in the right direction for their puppy love, on the other hand, and the latter is starting to share the K9 trainer’s lovesick expressions. This is what we’re here for because who isn’t a diehard Erica fan at this rate? Besides, she actually cares for Scott and it shows, whereas Brooke hasn’t demonstrated much desire towards him.

The show is starting to steer away from Scott and Hooch being thrown from their case instantly, which is a breath of fresh air. There’s only so many times a guy can screw up before he loses his job! I also love that Xavier is getting a bigger role; his nonchalant attitude never fails to bring a smile to my face. He’s hilarious without even trying; a Xavier-centric episode wouldn’t go amiss in the future. The same can’t be said for resident d-bag, Trent – this guy needs to go soon!

Episode 6 is an insightful look towards a blossoming romance with Scott and Erica and bro-mance between Scott and Xavier. Plus, we get Hooch in an avocado outfit, so really, it’s worth watching for this alone. I just want to see a bit more development out of Brooke before we can make our minds up on her.

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