Top 5 ‘Dynasty’ Musical Moments

Dynasty has made a triumph return to The CW and the series has been well and truly set into motion for the diabolical Carrington crew. After a beautiful wholehearted performance from Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) in the second episode, it’s worth taking a look back at the show’s best musical moments:

5. Happy Together

Performed by Elizabeth Gillies and Sam Underwood (3.10)

When Fallon and Adam (Sam Underwood) infiltrate a cult to find Kirby (Maddison Brown), the dynamic duo put on a skilful duet. By this point, viewers were familiar with Gillies’ exceptional vocal range, but Underwood had only showcased his talents several episodes prior to this. It’s a quirky – albeit mildly weird – and brief number that certainly deserves a full cover, especially with the magnetic musical chemistry shared between Gillies and Underwood.

4. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Performed by The Cast of Dynasty (2.11)

The first ever group number on the show came as a result of an impromptu karaoke competition after a girls night (plus Sam) goes awry. The moment is totally unexpected and relatable, which makes it even more fun to watch over and over again. As the group put on a show for the bar, they throw in some improv moves and the cast look like they’re genuinely having a blast. 

3. More Than Me

Performed by Elizabeth Gillies (4.02)

Fallon shares a tender moment with her new husband, Liam (Adam Huber), at their wedding with a heartfelt ballad about their entire relationship. It’s a blissfully special scene for the couple and is made even more touching by the fact that Elizabeth Gillies co-wrote the song with her real-life husband. The ‘Falliam’ relationship clearly means a lot to Gillies and her enthusiasm for her work shines on-screen, especially here.

2. You Can’t Hurry Love

Performed by Elizabeth Gillies and Rafael de la Fuente (3.04)

This delightful number couldn’t be more appropriate for the topic of the episode as Fallon struggles to take a step back from Liam with Sammy-Jo advising her that she ‘can’t hurry love’. The performance sweetly encapsulates the friendship between Fallon and Sam, reiterating that they are a solid platonic pairing. In addition to the singing, Gillies and Fuente expertly master the choreography and are utter joys to watch.

1. Against All Odds

Performed by Elizabeth Gillies (3.04)

In the musical episode, Elizabeth Gillies puts on another mesmerising performance as Fallon resorts to confessing her love for Liam through song over the phone. Most of the numbers in this episode (and the series) are nothing short of spectacular but Gillies steals the show with this one by a long shot. The emotion she conveys whilst adding elements of comedy in-between is a credit to her talents – if Gillies ever considers releasing her own album, this cover is a necessity!

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