‘Funhouse’ Review

When 8 celebrities from around the globe are invited to compete in an online reality show, they soon realize that they are playing for their very lives, as those voted off suffer horrific consequences, broadcast live to the entire world.

We begin with this visceral beating coming from the hands of a woman with a baseball bat. The understanding we find out is that a deal is made in which if she murders this person, she will be set free with money.

We then meet a group of individuals who are locked in a room together. There is a mixed bag os personalities within this group ranging from social media influencers to producers, all with the uncertainty of what is ahead as they introduce Fun House to everyone (which might remind you of a Big Brother-themed show). The show is streamed across the country for everyone to watch. There is a five-million-dollar on the line and the fans will vote on the game.

As we get through the second act and more continue to drop off, the film becomes a little “Saw-like” with the games. The film blends a reality show with those Saw style of kill sequences. The game is run by a guy with an issue with some of the ways their popularity grew. 

Although the story doesn’t feel new, it adds some interesting layers to make you want to watch it through. Because of how the movie highlights the idea of these folks becoming famous for the dumbest of reasons, you find yourself stuck in the middle of trying to figure out whose side you are on.

The final sequence is a bit lackluster, as I was hoping for a little bit more from the ending. Funhouse falls down the trap of being a bit predictable throughout the film, but the final act has a nice little twist that leaves you in a shock. 

The Verdict

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Funhouse is a predictable but somewhat fun slasher that mixes reality tv and the Saw franchise.

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