HBO Original: ‘The Crime of the Century’ Review

HBO’s THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY, a two-part documentary directed by Emmy® and Academy Award® winner Alex Gibney (HBO’s “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley,” “Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief”), and presented in association with The Washington Post, is a searing indictment of Big Pharma and the political operatives and government regulations that enabled over-production, reckless distribution and abuse of synthetic opiates.

Part one of the documentary airs tonight (May 10th) with the part two airing tomorrow night. The documentary will also be available on HBO Max.

There were 487,842 overdose deaths involving opioids from 2000-2019 in the United States.

Honestly, after watching both parts of this documentary, you become outraged. The companies profited off of people becoming addicted to these drugs, and we had these doctors helping them. This quote blew me away while watching.

‘9% of seventh graders had tried OxyContin at least once, and the numbers were at 25% for 11th graders.’

How in the world was this allowed? How did they let this happen? Easy answers, they didn’t care. The Big Pharma only cared about the dollar bill, and they watched hundreds of thousands of people get addicted, and some even die because of this addiction. It’s sad and pathetic that congress defended these companies and wouldn’t hold them accountable.

Was I shocked to see that Rudy Guiliani was hired to help Purdue sell the idea that it’s on the people not to get addicted? Not one bit. These politics will do anything to line their pockets for their own better good. It blew my mind that Purdue would line the pockets of those politicians that backed the idea of making sure the drug never left the market. Because Rudy and the company got involved, Purdue executives were given a slap on the wrist after ‘plea’ bargains. They walked away with fines and no jail time.

‘You don’t want to see how the sausage is made on Capitol Hill.’

I am not sure I have ever been this angry watching a documentary. The way Big Pharma rolled out this drug and used everyday people as guinea pigs is disgusting to watch how this has been built. Furthermore, seeing them repeatedly get a slap on the wrist while thousands end up dead is absurd. My heart hurts for those who have had to witness loved ones go down this path that could have been prevented.

I will get off my high horse for just a second to praise the use of the music throughout this documentary. The song choices were fantastic and were the heartbeat of the doc.

When you watch this, get mad like me, but being mad will only go so far. I am not sure what kind of action needs to be taken or how to approach it, but this absurd battle has to come to an end.

The Verdict

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Crime of the Century is one of the most jaw-dropping documentaries you will ever watch.

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  1. I loved your comments about this awesome documentary. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to assist me with finding a list of the songs used. I’m wanting to make a playlist tbat I’ll add to my spotify library. It’s for personal use, but I’m willing to share, I’m just not trying to make any money from this (just saying to be totally clear about my motivation).

    Anyways, I’ve googled many different search strings/phrases with no success, but admittedly, I’m OK at online researching, but it’s DEFINITELY NOT my forte.

    Any help to point me in the direction of finding this list would be greatly appreciated, a complete list would make this 58 year old man contemplate doing a series of backflips (only contemplate, I’m not suicidal, lol). I’ll also send you a link to the playlist I make if you don’t already have one since you loved the music as much as I did.

    Thank you very much for hopefully at least taking the time to read this. I’m not the most succinct, and for a total logic/math/science brain, I tend to make a short story much longer than needed.

    Take care, and again, thanks for your praise of this DOC, that hopefully will be seen by ALL of our youth to “kill it before it grows”, the opiad lies, not the young ofc, lol.



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