SXSW Film Festival: ‘Sophie and The Baron,’ and ‘Puss’ Reviews

Puss (Short Film)

Logline: Samantha really wants to get laid, but is having a hard time for some reason.
Writer & Director: Leah Shore
Cast: Sarah Ellen Stephens, Karl Jacob, Brian Agamie, Mark Blane, Brian w. Smith, William Goerge-Louis

The pandemic has been a struggle for single people, and how many different ways we tried to enjoy ourselves throughout this quarantine. Leah Shore’s writing is equal parts BONKERS and factual at the same time. You empathize with Samantha as the short starts, and you expect this somewhat tame journey that turns into something you aren’t expecting.

Sarah Ellen Stephens is PERFECT as Samantha. She radiates this energy from the go and where the short takes us is nothing short of wild and she embodies it in a believable yet wild way. Leah Shore takes the pandemic and makes it her bitch in a fun, authentic way that makes you happy from start to finish.

Sophie and The Baron

This charming story of an unlikely friendship between iconic photographer Baron Wolman at the end of his prolific career and up-and-coming artist Sophie Kipner at the beginning of hers, takes us on an uplifting journey into an artistic collaboration that transcends eras and mediums

We witness how this partnership’s foundation began and how the pair truly came together to work on art. We weave in and out of Baron and Sophie’s journey, where they started, how they got to where they are today. I loved how director Alexandria Jackson did this. She didn’t focus on one spot and finished and went to the other, and she intertwined their stories that led to making it where they did. Alexandria makes them both relatable, and it makes you attached yourself to their story.

The unique pairing are dynamic together, I think I could watch these two together for hours and hours. Alexandria Jackson’s story-telling is beautiful as she brings out the best in Baron and Sophie. You non-stop smile from start to finish and it really is an inspiring look at we never know what is in store for us.

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