Oscar News: Los Angeles Union Station will be used to broadcast event

We were informed little over a month ago that the 93rd Academy Awards will be held at “multiple locations”. Well, it turns out “multiple” means two. The classic Dolby Theatre and a new addition, the Union Station also in Los Angeles. As I’m sure you all know, this is due to COVID-19 making in-person events extremely difficult to pull off due to social distancing and personal safety. However, the Academy were adamant that after this year that “asked so much of so many”, that an in-person event would be a nice treat for people to see a little bit normality.

I can see why they have done this, it means nominees who live in California (which let’s face it, there probably will be many) can celebrate at the usual Dolby Theatre whilst nominees who don’t, can get straight off a train and be at their location. This stops the struggle of safely arriving in LA and then having to deal with the stress of booking a hotel and being safe whilst waiting for the ceremony.

Current LA State laws say that any arrivals from outside the Southern California region must quarantine for a minimum of ten days, so I’m unsure how they’re going to get around this when keeping in mind even people who test Negative can still pass the virus on if they’re a “carrier”. But I’m sure the Academy have this sorted.

I’m curious to find out the logistics behind this decision. Union Station is a crucial part of LA travel and it just practically can’t be shut down, not even for a night. As spokesman for the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Dave Sotero has said, “we’re going to be running normal service that day”. He also added the front entrance will be closed and some buses may be detoured. Sunday is also usually the lightest day for travel so this should also help the situation.

It goes without saying, if you live in a different country or you’re classed as medically vulnerable that you’ll have to enjoy your nomination and maybe even win at home with your family, but this is sure a nice way to make the Academy Awards feel a bit more normal in these strange times. I respect the Academy for thinking outside the box and considering the enjoyment of the viewers at home.

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