Short Film ‘Feeling Through’ Q&A and Review

Short Film ‘Feeling Through’ Q&A and Review

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Q&A for the short film ‘Feeling Through’ which was moderated by Whoopi Goldberg. The panel included Academy Winner Marlee Matlin, director Doug Roland, as well as the stars; DeafBlind actor Robert Tarango and Steven Prescod.

‘Feeling Through’ is about Tereek — a young man trying hard not to reveal his lack of a home — is desperately looking for a bed for the night, texting friends in hopes that he can crash with them. But just when something comes through, he finds himself helping out Artie, a deaf-blind man waiting for a bus home.

The Film is the first film with a Deaf/Blind actor as the co-lead of a movie. Writer/Director Doug Roland spoke about how he wanted the film to be authentic to his real-life experience. The person he had this encounter with was blind/deaf. Robert partnered with Hellen Keller services to find someone, and that’s how he found Robert Tarango.

The film has racked up over a million views on Youtube in three weeks of being released. You can find the link below.

The short is well-written and drives home a powerful message. Within the movie, you feel that raw vulnerability portrayed by actor Steven Prescod in the role of Tereek. You watch the set-up with Tereek initially turning down one homeless man but in turn stumbling across Artie. He first looks at Artie as handi-capped, but he realizes he is no different from himself by the end of the journey. Tereek realizes he is no different from himself.

Feeling Through is moving, powerful and showcases how kindness in the craziest times can genuinely go a long way.

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