Britney Spears Biopic – Let’s Make It and Make it Right!

Britney Spears Biopic – Let’s Make It and Make it Right!

After watching Promising Young Woman and talking to good my good friend Amanda from Candid Cinema, I couldn’t help but wonder…. why hasn’t Carey Mulligan starred in a Britney Spears biopic?! Not only does Mulligan bare such an uncanny resemblance, but she also could definitely nail Spears’ personality and aura. We’re getting a Madonna biopic soon, so it’s not too soon to put together Britney’s, is it?! In order to get the ball moving on this biopic, here are my casting and story recommendations for the untitled film (but we know it should be called My Prerogative, right?).

Carey Mulligan as Britney Spears
Like I said, she has the look DOWN! Mulligan would be able to play her younger and present day. I also think she would nail the accent (she’s a Louisiana princess y’all!). I think the most important part in a biopic’s casting is if the actor can portray the titular character’s aura. I can definitely sense Mulligan would be able to portray the princess of pop properly. 

A Biopic Not Against the Music
Listen, any movie being made about a pop start must feature their iconic music. Whether it be re-recorded by Mulligan or the original Spears’ tracks, it needs to be in the film. And not just the hits y’all, I want some deep cuts! Let’s get Touch of my Hand and What U See is What U Get going! 

Getting the Costumes and Looks Right
Spears has delivered some iconic looks over the last twenty years. Whether it be her iconic red jumpsuit to her “Dump Him” tee to her pink wig, she’s given us plenty to recreate in a full-length feature. An important part of including memorable looks in a film is making sure they’re on the right track. Don’t pull a Britney Ever After and make it a denim jumpsuit instead of a denim gown. 

Casting the Right Actors
Another downfall of Spears being so high profile is all the major (and minor) characters are pretty much all well known. This means there will be pressure to cast the right actors as Justin, K-Fed and maybe even Christina? 

Tackling the Right Stories
Since Spears has been in the spotlight for over 20 years, it means a lot of headlines have come our way and we’d only have two hours to tackle her story. Personally, I prefer biopics that focus on a few years, not a person’s full life. I’d most likely focus on 2006 through 2009 if I made a film about the legendary Miss Britney Spears. I understand her rise to fame would be interesting to see play out, but it’s not the most interesting

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