Remaking Movies Ep.2: Batman (1989)

Welcome to the second episode of Remaking Movies, where I take an older movie, give it a new director, writer, and cast. In today's episode, I tackle Tim Burton's 1989 take on the superhero genre, Batman. Do you have an old movie you want recasted? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter.

Binge Watch: Carey Mulligan

The Academy Awards are on Sunday, perhaps you’ve heard? This is the biggest day in moviedom as the best of film is announced. Among those nominated this year is Carey Mulligan, who gave my favorite performance of the year in Promising Young Woman. She’s a front-runner and, if I had my way, she’d be the... Continue Reading →

The Whiskies Year Two Winners

For the second year, we have gathered critics from across the globe to announce our second annual 'The Whiskies' nominations. We have categories that range from 'The Whisky Award,' a movie you need to have a drink to get through, to the Best Film of the Year. We had our live show this past Sunday,... Continue Reading →

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