2020 – Kenzie’s Year in Review

As everyone has told you all year long, 2020 was not a typical year. Like many, the year did not go as I had hoped, but I was comforted this year by so many things! Music! Movies! Princess Diana! I wanted to break down the things that made 2020 enjoyable.

Duets! Duets! Duets!

2020 was the year of duets for me. Typically, I adore albums with fewer features, but this year I danced in my home office (aka my kitchen) to so many duets. Lady Gaga featuring Elton John! My LORD! Miley Cyrus featuring Dua Lipa! We love to see it! Miley Cyrus ALSO featuring Billy Idol! I CAN’T TAKE IT! We also saw Ariana and The Weeknd reunite for a new duet. And then Miss Taylor Swift had to give us so many we couldn’t handle it (HELLO HAIM!).

Leading TV Ladies

My favorite interweb friend Carrie broke down two of my favorite ladies on TV this year better than anyone else could, so I won’t try to follow that up, but 2020 was a great year to see some queens on TV. Whether it be a flight attendant, a champion chess player, or a newly anointed princess.  I spent so much of my time watching TV at home and I found comfort leaning into shows with these female characters.

Princess Diana!

You thought the list wouldn’t single her out? Yeah right! In the fourth season of Netflix’s The Crown, we saw two iconic characters added to the roster, Margaret Thatcher and Diana Spencer. Only one of these real-life people do I like and I was not let down with her portrayal. Emma Corrin delivered one of the best performances of the year on the small screen. I cannot wait to see Elizabeth Debicki’s take the next two seasons. Bring on the Revenge Dress! Bring on the swimsuit on the diving board!


Listen, I know everyone is anti HBO Max, but it really is the best streaming service right now. Not only does it have that TV show you all post about nonstop (Friends), but it has a wonderful movie selection. Whether it be HBO’s programming (Emma.) or from TCM (North by Northwest), it has something for everyone. Ever since its launch, HBO Max has become the streaming service I use the most. Please watch The Leftovers if you have not.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Listen, not a sponsored post because I have 500 something followers. I received this Mr. Coffee maker as a gift and it honestly changed my quarantine life. A little more work than an iced coffee on tap, but not as much work as prepping my regular cold brew.

Time Travel Boyfriends

Listen, Tenet isn’t in my top ten of the year, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t have a blast with it. My favorite part of the year has obviously been screaming into Twitter that Neil and the Protagonist are boyfriends. I wrote two in-depth pieces here confirming they are lovers and not just friends (links below). I’d like to thank Christopher Nolan for this relationship I didn’t know I needed.

Protagoneil – Is Tenet a Love Story?

Tenet: Not a Review, but a Love Letter to Neil

Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck Walks

Is there anything more iconic to 2020 than Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck taking a walk? No. Whether it be with Ben’s iconic Dunkin or their pups, the two dominated the Just Jared Instagram feed the first few months of quarantine in LA.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

If you would have told high school me that Nine Inch Nails would be making music for a Disney film, I would have laughed and said NOPE. But in 2020, Reznor and Ross not only gave a Disney film one of the best scores of the year, but they also gave us another iconic Fincher score in Mank. Both scores are instant save to library and listen to while I work all next year worthy.

Cameron Diaz’s Wine

Listen, all celebs make wine, but there is something great about Cameron Diaz’s return to the spotlight. Yes, I wish Diaz was in movies, but I’ll take her making wine! Not only has she posted iconic TikToks (yes, Cameron Diaz on TIKTOK!), but she actually delivered some great wine (not sponsored again, but check out her rosé).

Movies (at Home!)

Last year, I went to the theater more than 100 times. This year, only 5 visits. I miss the theater and the experience so much, but I did have so many joyous watches at home. My favorite films of the year (Possessor, Promising Young Woman, Mank) would have been far more incredible on a big screen, but did just fine at home!

The Roger Deakins Podcast

I’m a huge podcast listener while I work specifically and boy, did our man Deakins provide great content this year! So many insights from Denis Villeneuve upsetting Deakins by watching a Terrence Malick movie on an iPhone or discussions with Jake Gyllenhaal, Deakins provided something for everyone.

Robert Pattinson’s Accent in The Devil All the Time

A big thank you to Netflix for making this film widely accessible. The film did not work for me, but the best part of the film was Mr. Robert Pattinson’s accent and performance. His KFC accent is an all-timer.

Chromatica Oreos

HELLO! Not available for purchase, but okay! I will still include them.

Winner of 2020: Emerald Fennell

No one did 2020 like Miss Emerald Fennell. She not only delivered an iconic final bow as Camilla Parker Bowles on season four of The Crown (please watch it! the whole series, not just the Diana season!), but she also brought us one hell of a directorial debut, Promising Young Woman.

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