Is He Hot?

“Is he hot?” is a question I ask quite often. Typically, my husband rolls his eyes, but we’re not here to discuss him (he IS hot though). We’re here to discuss the famous men I put to a vote on Twitter. Not based on their body of work, personal lives or anything else, strictly “is he hot or not?”

Stanley Tucci
Majority ruled in favor here! Tucci Gang came out to vote!

Tony Soprano
Wow, I am personally offended. He didn’t wear that robe to be downvoted like this.

Jude Law
The Vox Lux star came out on top!

Jason Bateman
This should not have been this close, but okay.

Victor Garber
Y’all! He built the titanic!

Danny Glover
This hurts. How could y’all?

Adam Driver
Yes! We win Driverheads!!

Ralph Fiennes
WE DID IT! Voldemort is HOT.

Steve Buscemi
I cannot believe y’all. Who follows me? Not fellow kids.

Jack Nicholson
Are y’all seeing this loss right here?

Daniel Day-Lewis
The man, the myth, the hottie.

Michael Keaton

Robert De Niro
We’re not in a terrible situation.

Michael Shannon
This…hurts. Have y’all seen him in a christmas sweater?

Sam Elliot
No tears in our truck now! Sam is certified hot.

Billy Crudup
Yes. The only reason to watch The Morning Show.

Willem Dafoe

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