Casting The MCU’s ‘Fantastic 4’

Fantastic 4 has been tried again and again, and has failed over and over. The most recent adaptation has gone down as one of the worst comic book films ever made, but Kevin Feige hasn’t given up on them yet. Feige has hired Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home director, Jon Watts, to take on the challenge of fixing what hasn’t worked before. Is this a play to see if Watts has what it takes to helm the next Avengers films? That is a question for another day, but bringing together Marvel’s oldest and most well known family is going to be a tough task. To help Watts with the film, I have taken the time to pick who I think should play the main characters in the upcoming film.

The Fantastic Four will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an upcoming  movie directed by Jon Watts - The Verge

Mr. Fantastic – Ryan Gosling

Starting off with the leader of the group, I think Ryan Gosling would play an incredible Reed Richards. I know everyone wants John Krasinski, you can’t even Google Reed Richards without seeing Krasinski plastered all over, and that would be cool and all to have him and real-life wife Emily Blunt to play husband and wife in the MCU, but Gosling as Richards would be perfect. Gosling’s type of acting works perfectly for the MCU style of film. He has shown to be funny, quick on his feet, and sarcastic, as well as being serious and having a strong emotional side to him. The Oscar nominee is one of the most well-rounded actors working and getting him in this role would feel like a perfect fit for the MCU.

Invisible Woman – Carey Mulligan

Similar to Krasinski, everyone is calling for Emily Blunt to be Sue Storm. Instead, I am going to go for Carey Mulligan. Mulligan is one of the finest female actors who frankly just doesn’t get enough work. Every time she lands a new role she knocks it out of the park and people believe there to be a resurgence of Carey Mulligan even though she never left. After this year’s incredible hit Promising Young Woman, Mulligan is likely to burst onto the screen again, even all the way to the Oscars. She needs to take advantage of this high she is riding and land herself a role in the MCU, and who better than Sue Storm. She showed her ability to be ferocious and command the screen in Promising Young Woman, and I think she could be the scene-stealer this family needs, and another incredible addition to the MCU.

Human Torch – Kelvin Harrison Jr.

If Michael B. Jordon wasn’t already used in the MCU, I would want him here. I thought he was one of the few, and I mean few, bright spots from Fan4stic. Kelvin Harrison Jr. is still very young, but he has shown his abilities in being both a reckless kid and a veteran actor. I was not a huge fan of 2019’s Waves, but that is the type of character that Kelvin could bring to the Human Torch. The Human Torch needs to be a little hot-headed, and I think Kelvin could pull it off perfectly.

The Thing – Matthias Schoenaerts

People are going to throw out Dwyane Johnson, Terry Crews, John Cena, or any other physically domineering actor in Hollywood. People forget that whatever Ben Grimm looks like before turning into The Thing really doesn’t really matter. However, I think Schoenaerts is a badass already. His turn in The Mustang was one that really brought equal levels of badass and emotion, and I think Schoenaerts will be able to perfectly pull off the dominant figure as well as the internal turmoils of never being able to be “normal” again.

But also, Jack Black revealed in 2019 that he would be willing to play this role so if that is what gets him out of retirement I am ALL for it.

Dr. Doom – Dev Patel

It truthfully shocks me but doesn’t surprise me, that Dev Patel doesn’t get the amount of work that he deserves. This Oscar nominee should have any role to pick from that he wants. I think there is a side to Dev Patel that we haven’t seen, and I truly think he is one of the best young actors working in Hollywood. I would love to see his take on this beloved and feared villain from the comics and see the twists he will be able to bring to the character. Just please keep the long hair and don’t explode anyone’s head.

Silver Surfer – Keanu Reeves

I think this is the one time that I am going to go with the obvious choice, but I think this is a really great choice. Keanu Reeves is destined for the MCU at some point, it only seems like the natural progression of things, but I personally don’t think he should be one of the leading roles. I don’t think he has the acting chops to carry an MCU film, however, I think the Silver Surfer has the perfect amount of unknowingness and is the right amount of dryness as a character to fit into Keanu Reeves’ style of acting. There is a lot under the surface with the Silver Surfer, but I think this would be the perfect middle-ground for Reeves, allowing him to be one of the MCU’s most powerful characters as well as not having to carry an entire film.

So here are my picks for who I think should be cast in Jon Watts’ upcoming Fantastic 4 movie. What do you think of the picks? Let me know on Twitter @ Tberry57, or in the comments!

Jacob is a film critic and co-founder of the Music City Drive-In. He is a member of the Music City Film Critics’ Association and specializes in the awards season. You can find him on Twitter @Tberry57.

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