‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ Review

‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ Review

A pair of star-crossed lovers in Ireland get caught up in their family’s land dispute.

Our journey begins with telling the story of a young Rosemary who doesn’t believe she has any value to the world. Her father informs her otherwise and gives her the boost of confidence to get her head on the right track. We are introduced to Anthony (Jamie Dornan), who is struggling with his ill father (Christopher Walken) and meets Rosemary (Emily Blunt), who is very smitten by and shares some fantastic banter between the two early on in the film.

As we learn early on, Tony (Walken) is trying to sell his land to the other brother who lives in America instead of Anthony, which has infuriated Anthony and Rosemary. Speaking of the pair, Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan are just a delight together. They both are great at what they do and their banter, which went from sweet to charming to sarcastic throughout the film, made you invest in Rosemary and Anthony’s journey.

Although I loved the pair, Christopher Walken stole the show with several gut-wrenching scenes that had you reaching for tissues. We saw Tony was filled with regret, and the decisions he made throughout the film dictated how everything played out. Walken’s ability to capture these feelings and show you the range from beginning to end was fantastic.

Next, the script and direction felt like a mess. It never felt like we could fully invest in the story because it was a jumbled mess. The actors did what they could with what was presented to them, but even that couldn’t make you care about what was next.

Finally, as we reach the ending of the movie, it really falls off the rails. I just am left asking myself what in the world did I just watch? I am just puzzled at the idea of the film’s concept that has fantastic actors, and who in the world thought this was a great idea.

The Verdict:

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Wild Mountain Thyme is without a question a waste of amazing talent.

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