Untitled Mailbag V9

Welcome back everyone to V9 of the Untitled Mailbag.

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This past week I got to escape away to Colorado for a mini-vacation, and it was beautiful. While we were there, I had a moment, one of which I wasn’t expecting. I went to the movie theater where the shooting happened in Aurora.

I pulled into this parking lot, and I was floored by the feelings I had felt. I had chills run down my spine and even had tears run down my face. I couldn’t believe the emotions that I felt just being in the parking lot. But as we sat in the parking lot, it dawned on me that I have walked into movie theaters across the country thousands of times the same way they did that night. It was a date night or OMG, the next Batman movie is out, or like me, they love going to the movies. Whatever they felt that night, the twelve individuals that were killed that night never saw it coming.

After visiting the theater, we decided to visit the 07/20 Memorial Gardens, and it was just beautiful.

Just a senseless act that took the innocent lives that night. My heart still goes out to these families and this tragic event. It was also a reminder that life is too short; shoot your shot, chase your dreams, tell someone you love them, as you never know when it could be the last time you see them.

Now onto your questions.

Question from @MNMillerFilmRev on Twitter: Have you fill this out yet? (Referring to Josh Allen from the Bills Apology Form) Asking for a friend… (I know, I just jinxed the game tonight)

Question from @MNMillerFilmRev on Twitter: What’s the movie that hasn’t been released yet and you are highly anticipating? and Why?

Mank. On the Rocks is one that I am looking forward to, but I will see that in a couple of days. Mank will be THAT film that puts us all in the mood for Award season, and I hope that it will be good. I am not one to say, ‘It’s going to be a masterpiece’ before seeing a film, but I believe in Fincher, that is for sure.

Question from Jacob (@AintDunneYet on Twitter): What are your Top 3 Favorite Halloween/Horror Movies?

Scream is hands down one of my all-time favorites.
The original SAW is damn near perfect.
I can never remember which of the 28 Days or 28 Weeks later I liked better, but that would probably be my other.

One recently I loved was Host directed by Rob Savage. It was so good, go out of your way to check it out.

Question from Jassem (@jassemakhan on IG) – How do you feel about Disney doubling down on streaming?

Honestly, I am equally scared as I am excited about them doubling down on streaming. I fear we are starting to lose theaters as each day passes, and no new movies will come out, causing massive layoffs and individual theaters to shut down permanently.

On the flip side, I hope this keeps jobs open for those who could potentially lose them based on the idea of theaters being closed. Because if no new movies are being released, then we run the risk of studio layoffs. So, I am hoping we have some clarity for some of those people.

Question from Kenzie (@kenzvanunu on Twitter) – What director would you like to see do a miniseries or Full TV series?

Since the goat already did one (Chazelle), I would probably have to go with Tom Ford. Honestly, I think we would all like anything from him at this rate after Nocturnal Animals, but his story telling within that film was remarkable, and put that and his artistic approach on a TV show, I am all in.

Thank you so much for reading another episode of my weekly mailbag, hit me up on here or talk to me on Twitter with your questions @RickyValero_

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