Angela Bettis Interview

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the star of the upcoming movie 12 Hour Shift, Angela Bettis.

12 Hour Shift is a fantastically written dark comedy that hits VOD tomorrow, you can check out my full review of the film here.

What is your first memory of film?

Bettis: Movies were a part of my life well before memory.
I’m sure I saw many things prior to discovering Hitchcock.
Star Wars and The Dark Crystal and stuff.

But, my first memory of realizing that a movie is a “movie”, with a vision and a director and a crew and all that, is when I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s The Rear Window as a little girl.

Somehow, I gleaned that this story was a human construction.
Not something that was actually happening.

When did you decide to become an actress?

Bettis: I don’t recall ever actually “deciding”.
It is just what I wanted to do form a young age.
I enjoyed the craft, itself.
It seems that since I was doing it and thinking about it all the time, I ended up an actor by profession.

What was about the role in ‘12 Hour Shift’ that attracted you to it?

Bettis: Brea wrote an intriguing and complex antihero in Mandy.
I enjoy playing complex, layered characters.
It is challenging and fun for me.

One thing, in particular, I liked about Mandy was the fact she stayed calm under pressure, did that part of the role come naturally to you?

Bettis: I wouldn’t say that Mandy’s calmness came naturally to me.
I had to really focus on it.
Often, the other actors were reacting to this high-stakes life and death hospital situations with a natural, sometimes comical, and certainly appropriate amount of heightened energy, so my body and energy naturally wanted to keep up with that tone.
Quite a few times, I had to ask Brea for extra takes to keep my hyperactive energy in check.

What was your favorite scene in the film?

Bettis: I really enjoyed watching the “Blood of the Lamb” montage, followed by that great “caught in the act” scene between Mandy and Officer Myers.
When collaborative artworks, it is absolute magic!
The Hymn, sung beautifully by Tara Perry and Tommy Hobson, is mostly production sound.
Which lends a very real quality to the sequence.
I felt that their characters, Dorothy and Derrick, were leading us through a comical and bloody sequence of events.
With an all-knowing wink of the eye.
Setting a tone for the rest of the film.
The editing, directing, sound design, etc. all seem to come together in one triumphant sound of successful collaborative art!
And that leads to Kit Williamson.
His Officer Myers is so fun to watch!
He is a great actor.
Available, present, intelligent, and true at all times.
Funny, and fun to act with.
He is the real deal.

If you weren’t an actress what would you be?

Bettis: Gee. I don’t know.
Maybe I would be a person who was a perpetual college student.
Deeply studying every interest I have, one after the other, my whole life.
Perhaps I would stumble across a way to truly help humanity and the world.

One thing that you’ve learned from this quarantine/pandemic?

Bettis: I learned that I really love my fella.
We are more compatible than I knew.
Spending all that time together reminded me that our relationships at home, though often neglected, are the base to everything we do.
Work, play, friendships, family, challenges of all kinds.
I feel blessed to have such a solid and supportive base.
When the sh&!?, of whatever ilk, hits the fan, I’ll always have that.

Favorite Taylor Swift song?

Bettis: If I ever heard a Taylor Swift song, I didn’t know that I was hearing it. 
That is to say, I don’t know any Taylor Swift songs.

Make sure to check out Angela Bettis in 12 Hour Shift available on VOD tomorrow.

Jacob is a film critic and co-founder of the Music City Drive-In. He is a member of the Music City Film Critics’ Association and specializes in the awards season. You can find him on Twitter @Tberry57.

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