Jojo Rabbit (Film Review)

Jojo Rabbit is on the list of one of my favorite movies. Jojo Rabbit was released to theatres January of 2020, I was quick to see it after release surprisingly as I had never heard anything about the film. Like Midsommar I went to see this film unaware of what it was about. In my review of Jojo rabbit, I will discuss why I consider this a favorite of mine, why I love Taika Waititi, and some of my positives and negatives of the film.

The film follows a young boy named Jojo (played by, Roman Griffin Davis) and his imaginary friend Hitler (played by, Taika Waititi) as he discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their house in the height of World War II. My immediate reaction when watching this film was surprising, I thought this would be a simple war film, and was shocked to discover the clever use of comedy throughout. The film being of both war and comedy is why I love it so much. Taika Wattiti made the brilliant choice in writing comedy into a topic as serious as it is. 

(Jojo’s Imaginary friend Hitler, played by, Taika Waititi)

Taikia Waititi is behind films including, Thor: Ragnarok, What we do in the Shadows, and many others. He has a known reputation for his clever and humorous use of comedy throughout his films. I love his use of witty humor especially in Jojo Rabbit, as the film follows a young boy’s perspective of World War II. I was glad that we got to see both a serious yet realistic view of Jojo playing a boy of his age, which included a child’s sense of humor as well as his clumsiness and immature nature. This is why I love the film so much due to how much I was laughing but how others were too. 

My positive notes on the film are how they incorporated a hard-hitting subject in this comedy film. There could have been ways where it could have risked being inappropriate or offensive but this, fortunately, was never the case. The acting from all characters was outstanding and I especially loved the character of Jojo’s mother, and love her story throughout. Jojo Rabbit was nominated for six Oscars including; everyone’s favorite, Best Picture, and won Best Adapted screenplay which was well deserved. 

I don’t have many negatives to the film especially from my perspective having loved it. I will say though that Scarlett Johansson who played Jojo’s mum, did an amazing job and had a great character and adapted it extremely well. Johansson was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, and although I loved her performance I wish she had more presence in her time in the film. I have no other negatives, as I loved the film from start to finish, I left the cinema so delighted as I almost didn’t watch it. 

(Jojo’s Mother, Rosie Betzler played by, Scarlett Johansson)

My final thoughts are that I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone. It’s more than just a war film and more than just a comedy. It’s a deep story but made lighter with a fantastic main character and amazingly written protagonist. I’m glad it won Best Adapted Screenplay, very well deserved. 

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