Before Sunrise (Film Review)

Before Sunrise, marked as an ‘indie classic’ made its way into 90’s cinema with its honest interpretation of love presented within the romance genre. Richard Linklater gave himself the challenge of taking on a real experience he had whilst in Philadelphia and turning that into Before Sunrise. When writing a review on romance films it’s... Continue Reading →

Onward Film Review

Disney Pixar has released yet another heartwarming film all about family but this time with an exciting twist to the tale. Onward, released to theatres in February of last year, grossing USD 141.3 million lead screens with a magical twist to the 21st century. The film follows a magical realm in which technology takes over... Continue Reading →

Divergent Film Review

In a new city of Chicago where the population is divided into five factions, one must determine their true identity, and choose which faction they belong in. Released in 2014, Divergent is the first of three films based on the novels by Veronica Roth. Directed by Neil Burger we are taken on a journey to... Continue Reading →

Love Actually Film Review

Richard Curtis, famously known for his upscale London romantic comedies, took on his next challenge in 2003 with the popular, Love Actually. Written and Directed by Curtis, Love Actually has become a favourite of many at the festive period, yet I have only just seen it. For a while now I have neglected watching it... Continue Reading →

1917 (film review)

I begin my review unsure where to begin. 1917 released December of 2019, soon to be nominated for 10 Oscars is one of the best films I've been lucky enough to watch. I recently had the opportunity of re-watching the film for a second time as I have neglected to view it since the Oscars... Continue Reading →

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