Midsommar (Film Review)

There are few words to describe the movie that is Midsommar, strange, weird, and creepy. I will be discussing my thoughts on the story and plot of Midsommar, whether I would class this as a horror movie, and what my positives and negatives are on the entire film. I first watched this only recently, after a recommendation from a friend. I love watching movies having no idea of the plot so I couldn’t believe the shock I was left in after finishing the film.

I think my reaction from start to finish is enough for me to guarantee this is a film to watch. A24 is responsible for some great movies and the Director and Screenwriter behind Midsommar is also the director and screenwriter for Hereditary. This explains so much especially if you have seen both of these movies! The plot follows a couple who travel to Sweden with some friends to celebrate the Midsommar festival, which starts as a fun retreat but then soon is revealed to be much more than that. I was lucky watching this film knowing nothing because it gave me a raw reaction. This has to be one of the most obscure films I’ve ever seen.

The storyline is very interesting, you are asking questions from the beginning to the end, and are constantly awaiting answers. I think one of my favorite aspects of the film was how they are always surprising to the viewer. I like how they cleverly keep you interested in one thing, whilst something else could be happening right in front of you. It’s a very heavy plot which most definitely can be confusing at times; however, when you do start getting answers you begin to understand the depth of the entire film which leaves you shocked, to say the least. It’s a fantastic movie and how Ari Aster wrote this screenplay is amazing. If you enjoy a thriller as well as a horror this is the film for you, it has many twists and turns and after watching it I was both stunned and horrified.

(Midsommar Sacrifice Scene)

Midsommar is classed as a Horror/Drama. I would class it as a thriller, as it does contain thriller characteristics, such as constant guessing and the use of misconception. The Horror genre over the years has become much more diverse than your cult horror movies with a scary man in a mask or a serial killer. I love how some get a Horror either so perfect or so perfectly wrong. Midsommar also has these horror genre characteristics, which include, the unintentional but intentional jump scare, the creepy factor, and my least favorite gore. Midsommar for some may not be classed as a horror depending on whether they find it ‘scary’. I personally from the start didn’t think this was scary but as the plot got thicker, the characters became creepier and the gore was so much more violent and by the end, I felt physically sick; and after much consideration I realized I do find Midsommar scary. 

What are my positives and negatives of the film? My positives would have to be the incredible acting and performance of all the cast but especially Florence Pugh, she had a crucial role to play in the film, and I feel she adapted her character and made it her own and gave a fantastic performance. Previously spoken of, Ari Aster did a great job at writing and directing Midsommar we get to see an insight into his crazy wonderful mind which showed throughout this film. I don’t have many negatives other than the extreme gore, which I felt was just too graphic at some points although I understand this to be intentional, I felt very uncomfortable after watching certain scenes. My only other negative would be certain characters I felt were dismissed rather quickly and we don’t get a thorough follow up at the end but this is more me being picky. 

(Dani’s crying scene)

Midsommar will always be that film I’ll never watch again. It’s truly gruesome and made me feel ill, yet is so well directed and written that you can’t help but understand an amazingly made film when you see it. It’s a clever story with some great plot twists and hidden messages. I would definitely recommend to those who are not squeamish and looking for a cross horror and thriller.

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