What I Watched This Weekend (Sept. 15th)

Weekly I give you my What to Watch This Weekend piece, where you can check it out here, but I wanted to start a new series where I breakdown the things I watched in the previous weekend.

I will share each film that I watched during the weekend, give a little review, and an overall star rating for each of them.

With football back, it was a bit of a lighter weekend but I still got five movies in.

The Devil All The Time – Streaming Sept 16th. (Netflix)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

To begin with, I want to talk about writing for Arvin (Holland). Arvin has been through some stuff in his life, and at every turn, it seems like he cannot catch a break starting from an early age. I appreciated the fact that within his growth in age maturity set in, and this intensity and anger within him that has been storing up for years. Holland’s acting only got better as the film progressed, and he was more immersed in the role. He had some of the best character development that I have seen in a movie this year.

Check out my full review of the film here.

Blood Quantum – Available on VOD/Redbox

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

I had heard a lot of hype surrounding this movie, and honestly, I don’t get it. The film had an incredibly slow build, a script that was just out and out terrible, and some D rated acting.

From start to finish, the film just nothing remotely right to make you care about what is happening throughout.

The Babysitter Killer Queen – Streaming on Netflix

Rating: 2 out of 5.

So, this was a film. It had some moments where I laughed, and some laughed out loud, and others when we are fed lines like ‘Luckily, the devil gives good head’, and I audibly moaned out loud. 

Samara Weaving is legit the only good thing in this movie. She is just light-years above anyone else in this, and I feel bad she is associated with this movie.

Overall, it’s not terrible by any means, and I have seen way worse this year, but I am not sure I would seek out to watch this one. 

Guest House – Available on VOD

Rating: 1 out of 5.

What has happened to Julie Taylor? I just thought something would happen with her career, and now, she’s in this.

Pauly Shore is just like in any movie he is in, mediocre jokes that one or two hits, but otherwise, he is not even remotely close to being funny.

Overall, just a waste of time and an easy skip.

The Social Dilemma – Streaming on Netflix Now

Rating: 2 out of 5.

As I watch this, I aimlessly scroll through my phone, and I found this quite comical.

One of my issues with this documentary was the random use of actors to play things out. I thought it completely took away from the story and what they were trying to convey. It was also very much a distraction.

I utilized the gif above for a reason as this entire thing sounded like a bunch of guys who were upset they got fired and are rebelling. I am still shocked people are naive enough to think that everything we do isn’t being watched.

While somewhat informative at times, the distraction of the ‘acted’ videos makes the documentary an easy skip.

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