This is Why Designers Need to Watch A Movie on Minimalism

When scrolling through Instagram or talking with designers, occasionally you’ll stumble upon someone recommending you to watch the movie Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. If you haven’t, then you need to talk to more designers!

Anyways, after receiving constant recommendations to watch the documentary by many designers, I knew that I had to watch it at some point in my life and gain lessons to improve my graphic design.

For all the designers considering watching the Netflix documentary, know that this documentary doesn’t talk a lot about design. This documentary talks about lifestyle and a trend that’s growing in the world. From the outside, it might not look like it will add value to your craft. Once you take the time and watch the documentary, that’s when you’ll start gaining value from it.

Keep in mind that the value you gain from this documentary will vary depending on what you’re looking to gain from the documentary and what your perspective of the movie is. 

As a graphic designer that makes Instagram Carousels, the documentary has given me the perspective of keeping my slides simple. For my friends that are architects and home builders, they gained the perspective of designing every home to be useful since not every room in an average American home has foot traffic. Interior designers and furniture makers can gain ideas on how to design homes to cater to minimalists and on how to design spaces to give off minimalist vibes. Artists in every field stand to benefit from watching this documentary. 

Regarding everyone else that doesn’t consider themselves a designer, I still recommend watching the documentary. This documentary won’t be a waste of time. Anyone that watches it can gain value from it.

Whether it’s movie night with the family or you have an hour and 19 minutes of alone time, watch the movie!

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