TV’s Hottest Dads Ranked

With so much TV available, whether it be an Apple TV Original or an HBO show or a CBS sitcom, I know the real reason we all watch any TV shows is for the hot dads. What is better than watching your favorite hot TV dad ask why his teenage son isn’t outside playing or making some famous waffles? I decided to breakdown my favorite, hottest TV dads.

Jimmy McNulty – The Wire

While he may not be the best dad, he does try (sometimes). He may also not be good at relationships, doing his job by the book or showing up when needed, McNutty, I mean McNulty is quite a daddy even when he’s not being the best father.

Don Draper – Mad Men

Another addition on the list that is not the best father figure, but is he the best father figure on our list? Wink wink. Draper did basically everything wrong in his personal life, but his looks always got him off the hook. We don’t haaaate to see it.

Dr. Sam Bennett – Private Practice

Dr. Sam “GILF” Bennett may be the only doctor (and grandfather?) on the list, but he definitely deserves the slot. While his decisions on the show weren’t always my favorite to see, he was always definitely my favorite character to see.

Kevin Garvey, Jr. – The Leftovers

The second cop on the list, I do apologize, but we cannot ignore Garvey. He left quite an impression with his love for his town + Norah and his eyebrows and abs. Fictional cops only!

Fitzgerald Grant – Scandal

I know he was busy not being a great husband (or POTUS) so he probably wasn’t the best dad, but there is no denying that Fitzgerald Grant was a hottie. I would definitely move to Vermont to sell jam with this TV dad/president.

Roger Sterling – Mad Men

Listen, I know two dads from one show, but you can’t ignore Roger Sterling here. Sterling is smooth, charming, and quite the silver fox. I know he didn’t treat his wife or children that well, but he cannot go unchecked here.

Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

There is no sense of humor on this list quite like Mr. Dunphy’s. From his magic skills to on-point dad jokes to accidental romance moments, Phil is easily the hottest dad on Modern Family.

Rufus Humphrey – Gossip Girl

He cooks homemade waffles! He sings and plays guitar! He spawned Satan (not Jenny)! Rufus made his way around on this teen drama, but I can understand why. While Rufus wasn’t always the best dad, he was definitely the hottest dad on Gossip Girl.

Phillip Jennings – The Americans

Did he convert his daughter to be KGB? Yes. Does that make him not the best dad? Pretty sure. Does that change my mind that he’s hot? Absolutely not. I was torn between putting him or Stan on the list, but Phillip takes the cake with his Russian charm I suppose.

Calvin Abar – Watchmen

I may have slipped up on some spoilers above for other shows, but I won’t spoil anything for Watchmen because if you haven’t watched it yet, PLEASE WATCH IT! If you’re not interested in “superheroes,” Calvin Abar should be inspiration enough (alongside his on-screen wife Regina King!). He has some scenes that put him over the top in qualifying for hot dad material.

Sandy Cohen – The OC

The man. The eyebrows. The legend. Sandy Cohen has always been dear in my heart and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned he is truly the hottie on the show, not Ryan or Seth (sorry guys!). He is the ultimate dad, but he also surfs, shmears some bagels like a champ, and is the ultimate public defender. We stan dad!

Coach Taylor – Friday Night Lights

Listen, he was the only option for number one for the hottest dad on tv! Clear eyes, full heart, Coach Taylor Speech, we cannot lose! Yes, he gave some stern talks, but he also did it with love and passion, so we’d love to be on the receiving end of it.

I do have some honorable mentions from polled friends that I couldn’t get on this top tier list of DILFs. Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones, Maxwell Sheffield from The Nanny, Jesse Katsopolis from Full House and Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls. Yes, I purposely left out Jim from The Office, but we’ll get into my thoughts on him another time.

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