The Untitled Mailbag V.2

First, I would like to thank every one of you that reached out regarding last week’s mailbag. I had an absolute blast writing it, and the reception only made me more excited to keep going with these weekly.

So, next week I plan on having a little fun, I want to name this mailbag, but I have dug deep and yet to find a name worthy of the title, hence the Untitled Mailbag name. I want your help, help me name the mailbag, you can respond to me on Twitter when I pose the question to all of you or you can email me here: You can also send all your questions for next week’s mailbag there as well. (or on Twitter here.)

As promised, before I dive into your questions, I will share a story with you guys about me, this one entails the time I was on Jerry Springer.

At the time, I was a professional wrestler (I’ll tell that story in a different mailbag), and I got a phone call from a friend who said:

“Hey, do you want to be on Jerry Springer?’

I mean, what do you think my response would be right. So, my friend had pitched this idea to Springer, and they said yes, and we were off to Chicago. When we landed in Chicago, we were met by some individuals from the show to explain our stay and what would happen.

The trip was wonderful, they wine and dine you, put you up in a fancy hotel, tell you basically if you want anything while you are in town, just let us know. We went to the movies that night to see I am Legend, which was remarkable because it was this massive IMAX screen, and the film also had the first The Dark Knight trailer in front of it, so the experience was legendary. (side note: They gave us these credit cards to use and we bought one of everything at the theater)

When we got to the show, nothing was what they had planned, they had changed the entire script of the show, and the rest is history. Here was the story, my buddy had an infatuation with dressing like a woman, his wife didn’t like it, and she was cheating with me.

Obviously, for my sake, I was happy with my role as I wasn’t going to have to get in a bra and panties on national television (I would have if they asked though, ha.).

Onto the Mailbag Questions

Question from Jacob W. Dunne (@AintDunneYet on Twitter): Hit me with a movie recommendation.

Movie recommendations are some of my all-time favorite questions.

My good friend Kane Fossell (check out his podcast here.) recently asked me to put him together a list of films to watch after he is finished with his Marvel watch. You can find that list here.

The highest priority on that list: Hell or High Water, Parasite, The Town, The Kind of Staten Island, Host, and Nocturnal Animals.

Questions from Kevin (@Daboys_22 on Twitter): What is the greatest Disney movie of all time?

Disney is Pixar, Pixar is Disney. I have mad love for all of the Toy Story films, yes even the 4th, I loved it. I think the development of those characters was fun to watch and just loved watching them.

BUT, my all-time favorite Disney movie is Ratatouille. There was always a tiny part of me that always loved the idea of being a chef. If life threw me a curveball and let me start over, that would be in the top 3 in my list of things I would want to do. I love and adore this film.

Question from Triple Play Fantasy (@TripPlayFantasy on Twitter): What is a good series to start watching?

I just got done a few months ago watching Schitt’s Creek, and I believe it is one of the greatest comedy television shows ever made. I am a huge fan of The Office but this one just hits different and its wonderfully written and beautifully acted. Its hands down a must-watch show.

Other shows I recommend: Ozark (Tom Pelphrey was robbed), Succession, Barry, The Ranch, and You.

Questions from my Co-host of the MCDI Pod, Jacob (@Tberry57 on twitter): How much of an impact do you think there will be on draft stock for the players of teams in the conferences that canceled? Is there a chance someone like Rondale Moore gets passed by someone with a breakout year?

This is a fantastic question.

So for guys like Rondale Moore, he is a huge star in the making and I believe he will be one of the first WR off the board come draft day. He is just supremely talented in all aspects of the game.

But I will say some of these other guys that we needed to see more out of, say, Trey Lance, Trey Sermon, Journey Brown and Nico Collins, these guys need this season and as of right now they aren’t getting one. Guys within the conferences that are going to play, and they show out, those guys mentioned and others could be hurt by not playing 100%.

Questions from my co-host Kenzie (check out our new podcast The O.C. Podcast here & here) (@kenzvanunu on Twitter): Which actor will you watch pretty much anything for?

So if I say just Leonardo DiCaprio, Kenzie will kill me because that’s an easy way out, so I will give you a TV answer and I will give you a non-Leo movie answer.

Non-conventional answer for me on TV is Finn Wittrock and Evan Peters. I love both of these guys because of American Horror Story. I feel like they are always stealing the show regardless of whether or not the season is good or not.

Peters has a new show coming out on HBO called Mare of Easttown that I am super excited for.

I am going to pick Amy Adams, she is slowly becoming my favorite actress in Hollywood. You have an insane filmography from her that ranges from Arrival to Julie & Julia to JuneBug to one of my all-time favorite films Nocturnal Animals. What stood out for me the most out of everything she has done is her performance in Sharp Objects which is hands down one of the best first seasons of any television show, ever.

I can’t wait to see The Woman in the Window, and Hillbilly Elegy which is her two next projects.

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