The Untitled Mailbag

I have been writing for a little over a decade now. I have written about anything from movies, Fantasy sports, politics, and even my journey. I have read mailbags over the years and thought how cool it would be to have one of my own, and so that journey begins today.

Each week, I will share on social media a post where you can ask me questions. These can range from any film-related questions, tv show questions, any sports-related questions(NFL, Fantasy Football, Devy, Scouting, CFB), or life questions, they can be about anything.

I will answer any questions. If you are reading this and have a question, you can follow me here on twitter, or you can send an email here

Each week, I will share a little story about myself to give you a better idea of who exactly I am, and than I will dive into your questions.

The picture above is my brother and I. This was on the night of my sister’s Senior Prom. We had just moved, and my sister didn’t really know anyone at the school, so she asked me to take her.

I remember the stupidest of things from that night. I was young, and I figured I would shoot my shot to this girl. I walked up and asked her to dance, and the song from NSYNC ‘God Must’ve Spent a Little More Time’ was what we danced too. As the song closes, I looked at her and said: ‘The Song is true about you.’ She said thank you, and I think she ran away because my goodness that is cringe-worthy.

Onto the Mailbag

Questions from Kevin (@Daboys_22) on Twitter: What movie that you have seen made you the most emotional the first time you saw it?

More recently, Honey Boy. This movie had a massive impact on me because it felt very relatable to my life and struggle with the relationship with my father. I’ve watched this film about ten times now, and every single time it breaks me down. There is a quote in the film that still to this day hits me hard. 

The only thing my father gave me of any value is pain, and you want to take that away. 

Honey Boy changed my life because it was a therapeutic journey that might have opened up flesh wounds but also heeled them. 

Questions from my co-host Kenzie (@kenzvanunu) on Twitter: What is your dream Director + Actor pairing? Mine is Daniel Kaluuya and Darren Aronofsky.

First off, your pairing is amazing. Kaluuya is one of my favorite actors right now, I just don’t think he can miss. I loved him in Queen & Slim. Aronofsky is a masterful director and pairing these two would be amazing.

I have so many I can choose but I will have to go with my favorite director working right now and that’s Damien Chazelle and pair him with a guy that has had a HUGE 2020, Pete Davidson. Seeing the work that Chazelle did with Teller and Gosling makes me only drool at the idea of pair Pete and him.

Side note: My intial pick was Jake Gylenhaal with Chazelle which I love too.

Question from Coti Howell (@CotiHowell) on Twitter: Most underrated movie of 2020 so far?

This is an easy one for me. It’s Gretel & Hansel. This is hands down one of the best films of the year. I never understood why it never got the love that other films of it’s kind have this year.

The slow burn of the film does turn off some I am sure, but if people stick with the film, the payoff is well worth it. The cinematography is gorgeous, the acting is good and the direction is perfect.

Here is my review of the film.

Question from Jassem Khan (@Jassemakhan) on Instagram: Can you please review the movie “Revenge of the Electric Car”?

I have not seen this movie yet, and I will definitely add it to my list of films that I need to watch. Once I do watch it, I will make sure to share my thoughts on the film with you.

Question from Mickie Howell (@SoldbyMickie) on Twitter: For people on a budget, what’s the best subscription for movies/TV?

This will always be Netflix for the time being. For the price of $9.99, you get a catalog of movies and television that is hard to top. Their original content is strong, and they have a load of new films coming out towards the end of the year.

One to look out for in the future though is HBO Max, it has easily become my favorite streaming platform. I do believe within the next year that would be my answer.

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