There Are More Than ’13 Reasons Why’ You Should Watch This Show

*For those of you that are dealing with mental illness, depression, and other problems, I recommend that you seek help and to avoid watching or talking about the show.

13 Reasons Why - Wikipedia

The ironic thing about the release of season four of 13 Reasons Why is that it was released around the time that the Class of 2020 was graduating in. The only plot twist is that Clay Jensen and his peers were Class of 2019.

Just kidding, there are juicier plot twists in this series.

Since it first got released, 13 Reasons Why has become a popular show. It’s popular among Gen Z, the mental health community, and parents. The storyline is great but what makes this show admirable is how it gives you the perspectives that you most likely wouldn’t have been able to experience. Learning these perspectives has given me more empathy for others.

While you might treat someone like a scapegoat because they are weak, watching the show will make you think twice before treating someone like that ever again and even prompt you to care for people that are being treated badly. While you might think that jocks are bullies, the series shows that many of these athletes are human and because of the bad stigma they get, the good people in that group don’t get recognized. While you might think that those who have the worst past have a harder time making a better life for themselves, pay attention to Justin Foley’s story. You’re not only going to be inspired by his story but also cry when you see all of his efforts evaporate. The biggest lesson you’re going to learn from this show is to not judge a book by its cover.

If you haven’t watched the whole series, do not scroll down

Here are my thoughts on the series:

Watching the show will make you realize why so many people loved the show and its characters. Being a recent high school graduate, watching the show gave me a lot of nostalgia for my high school days.

The show does exaggerate a lot of the problems that teens face and from my experience, teens today are a lot stronger than people think. At the same time, without exaggeration, it would be harder for educators and community leaders to use this tv series as a way to teach people about the issues regarding mental health.

The last episode of 13 Reasons Why was an episode that I had a lot to talk about.

First, Justin Foley’s death was one of the saddest things that I’ve seen. Seeing how he developed over the seasons made me think that he will start creating a positive legacy for his family but because of HIV/AIDS, he had to die before graduating high school and before going to college. He had so many great things coming ahead of him. It’s unforgettable.

Second, Clay Jensen and his peers were part of the Class of 2019!? Did the producers know that the Class of 2020 would be having virtual high school graduation instead of the traditional ceremony? Especially since the series was released in 2020, around the time that the Class of 2020 was graduating, it would’ve been convenient for Clay Jensen to also be a part of the Class of 2020. This could be a lucky coincidence

Would I recommend you to watch this show? As long as you are in a good place in life, then I would definitely watch it!

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